How to read deleted messages of WhatsApp – Surprising Tip you must Try

Best Application to read the deleted Messages of Whatsapp – life savior

Your friend messages you but delete it? Wanna you read the message? Don’t worry its possible now. WhatsApp is the number of messaging application that pushes other old messaging applications back. There are approximately one billion users of the WhatsApp and more than 180 countries are using it. Most people use it because it is a free, reliable and secure application as compare to other applications. The founder of the Facebook, Mark have purchased this application. He is really the innovative person, as he always doing changes on Facebook, so he continuously changing the features of the WhatsApp too.

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He applies the story feature in WhatsApp which automatically disappear after 24 hours. This feature is the clone of the famous social media site, Snapchat. Not only this, he applies more other features in the WhatsApp. One more revolutionary feature, which allows people to delete the messages that they sent without any intention. Through this feature, you can delete the message that you sent to others and you can delete for yourself and for everyone also. This is a great innovative work which must be appreciated by us. This is considered life savior.

How to read deleted messages:

As the technology changes, so the hacks to reach this technology also changes. Today, I am gonna tell you how to read the deleted messages of the WhatsApp so simply and smoothly. Let’s get started.


  • What you have to do, is to go to the play store and install the application Notisave
  • Let me tell you that this application is free of cost and its size is too small only 2MB which means that it will not take much space on your phone
  • After installing the application, allow the permission of the notification on your device
  • Then, it will ask “you can allow access by switching Notisave on”
  • Click on the next button for allowing the access
  • After that, toggle the button on for the Notisave and your application is ready to use now
  • After that whenever someone message you, all the messages will be saved in this application. Even after they delete the messages you still read them because they are saved in this application.

notisave application

One of the drawbacks of this application is that you cannot read the previous messages but you can read all the future deleted messages. I think this is the lightest weight, reasonable and best application which is available for free of cost.

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