Zong Balance Save Code 2024|Code & My Zong App Method

Aren’t you tired of recharging your mobile account again and again and getting your balance deducted for no reason? Yes, it usually happens when you subscribe to different packages including call and internet. Unfortunately, you often get out of balance whenever you need it the most.

If you are also fed up with this situation, here is great news for you. Now, you can easily save your unnecessary balance for later use. This offer is introduced for the first time in Pakistan for all the 4G users.

Now the question arises how to do it? With Zong Balance save code, you can easily get your hands on this offer. For further details, let’s talk about it in detail in this article.


Zong Balance Save Code

Yu have to follow the complete procedure in order to make your work done. The steps include:

  • Press *4004#
  • Now choose Prepaid
  • Once you are done, press 1 and subscribe the offer
  • Now Zong 4G service will be activated to your sim
  • Point to be noted is, the service is completely free of cost.
  • You will get the message of confirmation once the offer is activated

With the simple above-mentioned steps, you can save your balance for later use. Once you have activated it, the balance that is not necessary for you will be saved in another account. You can avail of this offer anytime.

If you still find it difficult to subscribe this offer, you can contact their helpline and they will guide you about the process.

Activate Zong Save Code From Zong App

You can also activate this offer directly from the app. It also contain a few easy steps mentioned below:

  • Make an account on the Zong app if you haven’t created yet.
  • Visit the home page and go to the Hot offers given at the end of the page
  • You will see an option of Balance Save option. You need to turn it on in order to activate the offer. Choose Subscribe option and you are done.

How to Withdraw Balance

You might be thinking that once the balance is saved to another account but how to withdraw balance from that account. It also involves a simple process but completely free. Simply press *4004# and this time choose 2 and unsubscribe.

Your offer will be unsubscribed without extra charges. It is as simple as it seems. With this free of cost offer, you can save your balance from being deduced without any reason.

Why Use This Offer

As described above, after using internet package, many people complained of getting their balance deducted so this is the perfect way to keep your balance saved for essential use. It is a perfect way to save your balance.

Furthermore, once you subscribe any internet bundle, you have to keep checking MBs with the fear of losing the balance. Get rid of this issue and save your balance by activating Zong Save code free of cost.

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