10 most attractive small businesses in Pakistan


Pakistan has tremendous opportunities for small business investments that have great profit earning capabilities. If wisely invested, these opportunities can change the lives of small investors. The top ten business investment opportunities are listed below!

Real estate Agents

This is a small business that can be started in a small shop with some chairs for office setup and bike to explore business opportunities related to real estate.

small business

Immigration consultants

This business involves guiding the students for seeking of admissions in western countries and can earn fee commissions easily.

small business

Delivery services for grocery items

This business can easily be started with provision of delivery services for home grocery items.

small business

 Mobile food points

This is the concept of movable restaurants in rickshaws and it can yield a reasonable amount of profit for investor.

small business


 OLX marketing

This business involves marketing small items through olx and can yield reasonable profits.

small business

 Education Academy

It is one of the great businesses in Pakistan these days. A small school building can be obtained on rent and teachers be hired for providing coaching.

small business

Events organizer

It is also a successful small level business in Pakistan. It involves arranging different events for wedding, birthdays etc.

small business

Artificial Jewelers Stalls

The ladies in Pakistan have a great aesthetic sense for artificial jewelers. It is emerging as a profitable small scale business.

small business

Baby Day care centre

With the increasing number of working ladies in Pakistan, the scope for this business is increasing. Many such small scale businesses are running and there is still a huge potential for growth in this business.

small business

Mobile Accessories business

It is one of the most growing businesses in Pakistan with the rising number of mobile phone users in country. It can be setup with investment of 2-3 lac and has the potential of generating 30-50 thousand per month for the investor.

small business

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