Top 3 remedies for dark circles (get rid of within 1 week)


Causes and Solutions for Dark Circles ( Pakistan’s best Homemade remedies )

Is dark circle running your gorgeous looks? You look older than your actual age due to dark circles? You look sick due to dark circles? Looking for a permanent solution to get rid of this shit? If not found yet, then let me tell you that you are at the right place to cure your dark circles. I am going to tell you three easy remedies to remove your dark circles permanently.

The area around is more sensitive, thin and always open for reactions. Whatever you do, you’re under eye area effects immediately. This area of the eye requires more care and protection as compared to other body skin. In Pakistan, this condition is more swear due to hot weather in summer. Today, I am gonna tell you the reason for the dark circles and how you can cure them. Also, I will tell you top 3 remedies for dark circles.

Causes of dark circles:

  • Stress, Mental Illness, Physical Illness, embarrassment and thinking a lot
  • Deficiency of iron and vitamin
  • Improper sleep
  • Use of wrong beauty products (night creams, Kajal, liner, lenses)
  • This cause and spread from one family member to other
  • Rubbing and not take caring of the eyes


1. Cucumber Slices:

The use of cucumber slices for dark circles is world proven method and adopted in almost all over the world. Cucumber contains natural ingredients that help to provide proper nourishment to your eyes while releasing stress and depression.

  • Take a fresh Cucumber and cut it off into circular thin slices
  • Put these slices into the refrigerator until it becomes cold
  • After that, put two slices on your eyes and wait for ten minutes
  • As a result, your eyes will become fresh and it will remove dark circles as well.
  • Repeat this step twice a day for a 1-2 week for the better result

cucumber for dark circles

2. Potato Juice:

Potato juice contains natural bleaching ingredients which help you to remove dark circles as well as whiten hand, feet and face skin naturally.

  • First of all, take a fresh and chilled potato
  • Extract the juice from it sock the cotton balls into it
  • Later, place the cotton balls on your eyes while covering the whole affected area
  • Leave it for twenty minutes and wash with cold water

potato juice for dark circles

3. Rose Water and raw Milk:

The mixture of rose water and raw milk is a magical combination which helps to provide proper nourishment to your skin.

  • Firstly, take 1 tbsp. of raw milk and 1 tbsp. rose water
  • Mix the ingredients well and sock the cotton balls into it
  • Put the cotton balls on your dark circle for 20 minutes
  • Lastly, wash off with the normal water
  • Repeat the step for the 1-2 week and get fairer and glowing under eye skin

milk for dark circles

All these ingredients are easily available at your home so you can get rid of dark circles without the side effects as compared to chemical based creams.

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