5 Iconic Yet Affordable Food Destinations in Murree

Murree which is celebrated as resort town in Pakistan is favorite summer destination for all class of people in the country. The serene beauty of hills and valleys in Murree is surely captivating but in trip of Murree is always incomplete without having happening food. Considering the interest of people to cut the expenses today we have categorized 5 Iconic Yet Affordable Food Destinations in Murree.

5- Des Pardes, Murree

Installed at Jinnah road, Des Pardes is known for its beautiful location benefitting panoramic view of Murree overlooking glamorous mall road. Eating in cool environment of resort town is undoubtedly a blessing if the platter is totally a blend of Mughal cuisines in affordable rates. Deserving each penny spent on Murree trip, Des Pardes is one-of-the-kind restaurant where quality and quantity of food is never compromised. Mughal and Chinese cuisines served in artistic pots and steel utensils in Des Pardes is ever-loving experience in the thick of valleys of Murree. (Note: Chinar terrace of this restaurant is highly recommended for formal gatherings in Murree, blessing picturesque views of whole town having mouthwatering food ever!)

4- Red Onion, Murree

A bit different than typical restaurants in Murree, Red Onion is known for its Pakistani/Indian delicacies in the town. From fast food to barbecue and traditional handi dishes, the restaurant is suitable for all ages of people in Murree, where one cannot complain of not having food according to their taste.

3- Thaali Resturant, Murree

From ambience of the place to traditional cuisines, this restaurant is big YES in Murree for savoring excellent delicacies in budget friendly rates. Surprising the visitors, this restaurant serves a versatile menu of Asian and Continental dishes, where you can enjoy traditional mutton/fish dishes in big thali and fancy burgers with touch of international plating manner. What makes it ideal in Murree environment is its cozy aura and juicy food, allowing you to never miss the first-class service.

2- Lintott’s Restaurant, Murree

At mall road, Murree, you may find several local and international restaurants, all within walking distance from each other, among them Lintott’s Restaurant is what to be trusted for treating your taste buds without having hole in your wallet. In Murree, Lintott’s Restaurant is one of the eatery visited by our prime ministers, for eating the best haute cuisines of Pakistan/Chinese. Being the oldest eatery of Murree, the restaurant has managed to celebrate its legacy all owing to uncompromised flavors and quality in Murree.

1- Shinwari Restaurant, Murree

For the meat lovers, Shinwari is mutton-beef hub in Murree, perched out at Bank road. Preparing traditional mutton Karhahi out of fresh pieces in succulent gravy is unapologetically hit of this restaurant. Mutton dishes are usually served with freshly baked naans and salad, which makes it super thrilling for food enthusiasts to dig in the pot of mutton. Availability of separate dining areas for families and boys makes this restaurant brilliant option for all people in Murree.

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