5 New WhatsApp Group Chat Features Introduced (Shocking Features)


WhatsApp Launch 5 new WhatsApp group chats features

The famous messaging app, WhatsApp is becoming more popular day by day. It was started as the simple messaging applications and now it includes calling features (audio and video), story features, grouping features and much more. WhatsApp always includes new features to facilitate the consumers. This time, WhatsApp has introduced 5 new WhatsApp group chat features which are really amazing. Some features have been introduced for IOS, some for Android and some for both IOS and Android.

5 new WhatsApp group chat features:

Here is the complete list of 5 new WhatsApp group chat features which are really helpful. These out of the box solutions are not only helpful for individuals but also for business uses. Let’s have a look.

1.WhatsApp Group Calls:

This feature is also introduced in the IOS and Android. WhatsApp group chat features are incredible and really admirable. The voice call and video call on the WhatsApp were really successful. Users were hoping for group calling which will provide them a lot of benefits. Finally, WhatsApp management thinks about this and introduced WhatsApp group Voice calls and Video Calls. If someone wants to kill the two birds with one stone than its possible with WhatsApp. This messaging application is also becoming a calling application as well as video calling. Although, this feature is also available in beta version.

2.Whatsapp Group Description:

This brand new feature was never introduced before. This feature allows you to write the short description about the group. Firstly, the user can only change the icon and the name of the group. But this amazing features is introduced through which you can write the short description of the group on what the group is about.

3.WhatsApp Payment Transfer:

This feature is introduced both in android and IOS. Through WhatsApp payment of money is possible now with secure manner. The consumers can transfer the money through the UPI from one bank to another bank. Although this service is in its beta version and is not available to general public. Most significantly, this feature is available in WhatsApp groups. Although through this feature, money can be sent to only one user at the time. Soon, this feature will become common after its successful completion of the beta phase.

4.Removing Admin from Group Chat:

This feature was introduced before in IOS but in Android. In this feature, one can remove any person from the post of admin rather than removing that person from the group. This feature is available in the feature group member profile. Is not it amazing?

5.Group Mentions the message:

The group mention feature although already introduced in android phones but the user gets a notification after the mention and user have to search the message manually. This amazing feature is introduced for IOS. Through which the user can get the notification that someone has mentioned you in the message. But the surprising thing is that you do not have to search the message manually. Instead, the user can reach the desired message just by clicking on the notification.

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