Top 10 Highly Qualified Pakistani celebrities (left Profession for acting)


ATop 10 Pakistani Highly Qualified Celebrities Wasting their Degrees

Pakistani Celebrities are not only good at acting and modeling, instead, they are much versatile. Pakistan industry is filled with more talented celebrities who have the exceptional educational background. They have sacrificed their original profession for the sake of showbiz. Today, I am gonna tell you about Top 10 Highly Qualified Pakistani celebrities with outstanding degrees and diplomas.

Top 10 Highly Qualified Pakistani Celebrities:

Here is the list of Top 10 Qualified Pakistani celebrities. This creates extra respect for cemeteries and we praise their efforts.

1.Hamza Ali Abbasi

Hamza Ali Abbasi, a great Pakistani actor is graduated in Internal relation from the USA. He completed his master from Quaid-e-Azam University Islamabad. One unbelievable thing is that he has passed the CSS Exams in Pakistan. He is extra qualified and wasting his degrees.Hamza Qualified Pakistani celebrities

2.Fawad Khan:

Fawad Khan is not a name of an actor instead it’s the name of the class. He has exceptional qualification background. He completed his early education Lahore Grammar School. After that, he completed his graduation in Computer Science from National University of computer and Engineering Sciences Lahore.

fawad Qualified Pakistani celebrities

3.Momina Mustehsan:

Charming, loving and cute Pakistani singer Momina Mustehsan have not only earned a name in singing but also have the exceptional educational background. She has double graduated from Stony Brook University, New York in Applied Mathematics and Biomedical Engineering. So, we can say her a dynamic and versatile actress.

Qualified Pakistani celebrities

4.Noman Ejaz:

Indeed, there is no match for greatest and handsome Nauman Ijaz. He completed his LLB and is a lawyer by profession.

Qualified Pakistani celebrities

5.Sarwat Gillani:

The style icon, Sarwat Gillani is not only doing well in acting but also have the extraordinary educational background and is a part of Highly Qualified Pakistani celebrities list. She is graduated in Mass communication from Indus Valley School of Arts and Architecture. After that, she completed her master degree in Filmmaking from the same university.Qualified Pakistani celebrities

6.Fahad Mirza:

The awful moment for Pakistani industry is that the great actor Fahad Mirza is also a doctor by profession serving the humans. He has completed his MBBS from Dow Medical University and has specialization from Liquate National Hospital in surgery (Plastic, Reconstructive).

Qualified Pakistani celebrities

7.Shahryar Munawar:

The young passionate actor, model, and producer are not behind anyone and came at the top when we talk about Highly Qualified Pakistani celebrities. He is impressing the audience with his great acting and have a great educational background. He completed his early education from south shore school. Finally he completed his graduation from Institute of Business Administration in Finance.

Qualified Pakistani celebrities

8.Maya Ali:

The smartest and successful Pakistani model and actress Maya Ali is ready to wonder you be her qualification. She has completed her master in Mass communication from Queen Mary College Lahore. As a result, she joined showbiz and become Lollywood queen.

Qualified Pakistani celebrities

9.Ainy Jafri:

The most sensational model and actress Ainy Jafri mostly lives in Singapore. She is graduated from McGill University, Canada in commerce. Hence, she worked in an advertising company of Singapore. Furthurmore, she  joined showbiz as permanent profession.Qualified Pakistani celebrities

10.Nadia Hussain:

The great actress and model Nadia Hussain is a dentist by profession. She started acting Carrere at the age of 19. Nadia completed her early education from bacon house school and done her dentistry from Fatima Jinnah Dental College.

Highly Qualified Pakistani celebrities nadia

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