5 Pakistani got Award for Clean Technologies

We have the great Pakistani young innovators in every field and needs to be encouraged by their great innovations or ideas. Same as we have many of the great youngsters in the technology field as well and this time they have been awarded by United Nations Industrial Development Organization under its Global Clean Technology Innovation Programme. It is said that the earth might become a ball of fire after 600 years and for that, we need to plan something to counter the harmful effects of technology.

However, according to Global Clean Technology Innovation Programme, we should make such innovations in a technology world that can stop the effects of climate changes caused by technologies. Hence, through this programme 5 Pakistani young innovators have been awarded for their new ideas regarding clean technology.


Modulus Tech:

A young boy got the first price for the new technology idea in which low-cost design energy-efficient houses could be made in 3 hours. This would be the big revolution towards houses colonies which could have been made in a month.


According to the new idea of this Pakistani youngster, the dual solar system could be made for rural areas to run water pumps and flour mills. He got the second prize for his innovation regarding clean technology.

Industry Challenge Award:

This is the industrial process of a fault detection information system.


This award is regarding the development and regeneration process of older batteries which also would be the great innovation.


This is the new innovation made by a woman, a great idea of making a solar power cart for roadside vendors. It would not only save the energy but help them too in various ways.

These all innovators have been admired by all the officials who joined the ceremony from different fields held in Islamabad. These youngsters should be admired and encouraged by various awards which would push them to introduce more new ideas for better clean technology.

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