5G technology will be launched in December 2022:

Federal Minister for Information Technology and Telecommunications, Syed Aminul Haque declared on Wednesday that the 5G service would be launched in Pakistan next year in December.

Government taking steps to solve internet issues

This stunning and creative agreement was signed between Universal Service Fund (USF) and Telenor for high-speed broadband activities in Upper Dir, Chitral, and Lower Dir locale. Besides, this project would be completed at an expense of Rs1.3 billion, adding that the government additionally taking measures to resolve internet issues in North Waziristan and accessibility of broadband services at all tourists’ places the nation over.

Pakistan was successful in the 5G test

Pakistan has become the first country in South East Asia to have tested 5G as the test has put Pakistan on the exclusive list of nations that have led the 5G test effectively and a private Chinese telecom organization has directed an effective trial of utilizing 5G in Pakistan.

5G speed is 100 times better than currently available networks

The 5G technology will quicken the download speed multiple times quicker to one gigabit each second (Gbps) and expand economic activities in the country and it is better than existing broadband networks accessible in the country.

The 5G home router’s speed has been recorded as four gigabytes each second with implies that it can download 50 GB of the document in only two minutes. Most amazingly, with 5G service, a film requiring 40 minutes to download will be downloaded in 3.5 seconds. The speed of the network will rely upon the range accessible to the operator. This new 5G technology will go to bring superb approaches to help humankind.

The experts are still doubtful in launching 5G technology, accepting the nation will take any longer time 5-7 years to start the next-generation technology.

The federal minister of IT settled on a test video call through 5G to China and said it was a superb experience. The voice was clear and loud, and the video quality was superb.

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