6 Amazing Summer Holiday Destinations in Pakistan


Summer Holidays is one of the awaited vacations in the whole year. Every individual of the
family waits for the summer so that they can spend valuable time with their loved ones. Each season has its own uniqueness and colors that can’t be seen in another season. The long evening of summer has own wonder in itself. Pakistan Tour Packages by Pakistan Tour and Travel is one of the amazing package range in all tourism industry. As it offers a number of affordable packages that are suitable for each and every season.

Talking about the Amazing Summer Holidays Destinations, Pakistan has a lot of places to
experience in this hot summer. The rafting water of Swat River then the cold breeze at the
Babusar top make to fall for this summer season. The cold Desert of Shigar with the
picturesque view of Khaplu valley. All have an amazing experience to have in this summer

Summer holidays can never be completed without visiting the Northern Areas of Pakistan.
The harshness of summer season became mild when you reach in the lap of earth. Pakistan
Tour Packages 2018 brings you the most affordable tour plan to all regions of Pakistan. We
proudly present the Summer Holidays Destinations that provide a pleasant environment with perplexing views of snow clad mountains and dense forest.

Let’s have a quick look at the 6 Amazing Summer Holiday Destination that you can visit in
this summer season with our surprising Pakistan Tour Packages 2018.

1- Naran Kaghan Valley

First and the foremost is the Naran Kaghan Valley Tour Packages that is gaining popularity
with every single day. The breath-taking views of Lake Saif Ul Malook or Lalusar along with
the Babusar Top that is surrounded by the gigantic mountains of Himalaya. Other than these Lalazar, Noori Top, Dudipatsar Lake, Saral Lake, Fairy Land also add more delight in hot summer. Furthermore almost 6 km away from the Naran is the Shogran and Siri Paye. The richly green lawns of Shogran give more tranquillity that everyone wishes while living in urban area.

2- Murree Galyat Region

On the other hand, Murree is the cheapest as well as the loveliest destinations for the
common lot. It is famous because it offers the richly dense forest, the pleasant weather, and amazing Mountain View. In Murree, we have so much to witness like the 12 Galliat,
shopping on Mall Road and the serenity at the Kashmir point and as well as in Bhurban
because of it far away from the main Murree.

3- Gilgit Baltistan

Moreover, the Hunza Valley in Gilgit Baltistan along with the Skardu Valley that is almost 2
hours’ drive from Gilgit city. The mountain Valley is always captivating in summer as its
bear’s extraordinary color that is not seen in any other season. Typical known for its
Historical background and its range of mountain give its tourist undeniable pleasure. The
mountain range of the incredible colorful meadows makes your summer holiday more
exciting. There is a lot more to experience in Gilgit Baltistan whether it’s the cold water of
Indus River or the Hiking in the largest mountain range. Moreover, to observe the galaxy on the top of your head while camping in Fairy Meadows. Every experience is undeniable.

4- Swat Valley

Pakistan Tour Packages 2018 is ready to give you the best experience of your life. The
packages also contain a portion for Swat Valley. The Valley holds its own unique
significances and gravity. For Instance, the Switzerland of East gives the enormous locations and the swirling water of Swat River. The Kalam Valley a few kilometres away from the Swat is another tourist spot. In the hot summer, everyone seeks place to take a deep breath of fresh air.

5- Chitral Valley

Next on the list is the Chitral Valley which offers amazing historical background and different side Greek mythology. Chitral is also own a renowned valley of Kalash. The scenic beauty along with the enchanting landscape and the fascinating culture is always captivating for the tourist. Furthermore, the tourists are encouraged to go 45 miles north of Chitral to behold the hot springs called Gram Chashma for its healing properties. Moreover, if tourist Kalash valley at the start of Summer they can enjoy their festivals that is celebrated annually.

6- Azad Kashmir

Last but not the least is the Azad Kashmir and it’s surrounding like Neelum Valley especially. Neelum valley abounds with a dozen of beautiful valleys, waterfalls, lush green meadows. Moreover, the valley is full of wonderful exotic locations, green meadows, and towering peaks. It’s the hub of tourist attraction. All surrounding have abounded in natural scenic beauty and full of life culture lives there.

Plan your amazing summer holiday in these astonishing locations. Each and every region in
Pakistan has abounded with breath-taking locations, crystal clear waterfall and above all the dense green forest that gave an appealing effect on eyes in this summers. Pakistan Tour Packages 2018 by Pakistan Tour and Travel is seeking your way. Whether you are planning a honeymoon tour or a group/family tour. Choose the best suitable Pakistan Tour Package 2018 for yourself and give ease to your soul.

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