5 Best Swimming Pools in Lahore, Pakistan

Acknowledging the summer in Pakistan itself is struggle when the heat reaches up to 50 degree centigrade, and in big cities, it’s harder to survive the heat and humidity without diving in to cold water. Summer which is usually signaled by March-April in Lahore, Pakistan, is right at the corner and in such time, swimming is not just a healthy sport or exciting hobby, but it becomes the demand of the hour.

For making a definitive list of 5 Best Swimming Pools In Lahore, Pakistan, we have circled the whole city and short-listed the best of swimming pools in Lahore, installed in prominent hotels and outdoor entertaining destinations.

For all those young-lads, who are seeking swimming experience a happening time, a bit more than dipping in cold and clean water, totally about relaxing souls with wonderful surroundings and celebrating the summer in fancy man-made pools, here comes the handy list of 5 Best Swimming Pools In Lahore, Pakistan.

5- Sozo Water Park

Water-themed amusement center installed at the Canal Bank, Jallo, Lahore, is packed with several pools of different water depth, for children and adults. Suitable for all ages of people, budget-friendly and thrilling slides makes these swimming pools nestled in Sozo Water Park a big hit for Lahore.

4- Samanabad Sports Complex Swimming Pool

Instituted within this gigantic Samanadbad Sports Complex at Ghazali road, Lahore, the swimming pool is all about fresh and clean water. Value for the money in the city, the swimming pool in the thick of Spacious and Green Surroundings makes this multifunctional sport center highly recommended for all rational champs, looking for best option to escape the heat of city in affordable range. (Note: Coaches are also available in budget-suiting fee, to train you all tactics of swimming for next level of fun.)

3- Lahore Gymkhana Club

Planning to have a dip with your squad in summer and craving for exquisite dining experience too, then Lahore Gymkhana Club is blind option in Lahore which can be trusted for a good experience. Bestowing separate pools for children, ladies and gents, and sauna and steam bath, this sports club has become personal favorite for families, enabling the customers to get entertained with various sport facilities i.e. golf, squash, snooker and so much more. (Note: The parking lot is a bit congested there.)

Located in Pakistan’s Lahore, the Lahore Gymkhana Club is well-known for its social and sporting activities. Having been founded in 1878, during the era of British colonization, the club is historically and culturally important to the area. In its long history, the Lahore Gymkhana Club has served as a meeting place for members’ various interests and needs, expanding beyond its original purpose as a place to play sports and socialize.

Swimming pools, a golf course, squash courts, tennis courts, and other sports facilities are just a few of the many features offered by the club. The facilities are kept in excellent condition, allowing members to participate in a variety of sports and competitions. In addition to state-of-the-art exercise equipment, the club’s fitness center provides members with wellness programs, fitness classes, and more to help them lead healthier lives.

2- Greenland Swimming Pool

Providing a strong touch of exotic pool, Greenland Swimming Pool is an economical choice in Lahore, suitable for boy’s day out. Clean water and peaceful environment makes this swimming pool a little heaven to escape the busty Lahore city and its heat.

1.GOLD Spa and Fitness Club

Swimming in this fitness club is like giving you a dose of affection and love, as the personal swimming pool is all about royal and luxurious vibes. Apart from toning up your body, this spa and fitness center lodged at the 3 rd floor of The Mall of Lahore bless the unavoidable pleasure of diving into charismatic marbled pool. (Note: The membership fee of the club ranges up to 8000 a month, but it worth your money, shaping up your body and soul at same time.)

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Alvira Rajpoot
Alvira Rajpoot
is a part time writer at beam.pk, and cover different niches.


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