6 signs to know your pupho will be your sasu maa

Pupho have been trolled throughout the internet for being so witty, cold and rude. And at some point, all the sarcastic comments are valid and justified. Anyone having warm-hearted or mother like pupho is blessed. But usually people are not that much blessed at all! So if you are having creature named ‘pupho’ and you are not syncing with her, just take a deep breath and accept the fate.. Honee ko kon taal sktaa hai..phopo meme

So imagine this unpredictable pupho becomes your sasu maa, I mean the mother of your beloved husband to whom you are bound your entire jawani k din….phopo meme

Alright! Anyone having panic attack must drink a cold glass of water right away. And those who are feeling khushi ka ladoo in their hearts imagining handsome pupho ka beta, Good Luck!

Sharing the 6 signs to know your pupho will be your sasu maa! Have a keen eye over your pupho and observe the hidden signs with your eagle eyes!

1-Most of the time ,she’s at your place

No matter if it is day or night, she will be at your home, invited or uninvited.phopo

2-All time happy and curious

Those big smiles at you! Yeah! She will be smiling at you and interested to know about results and future plans.phopo meme

3-Praising about her son/daughter

No matter if her son’s look like a potato, she will be very confident about her piecephopo meme

4-Always supporting to you

No matter, you are fighting with your siblings or arguing on a stupid reason, your pupho will be at your side.phopo meme

5-Unexpected presents at your birthday

This one should not be ignored at all, if you are receving gifts on your birthdays from your witty pupho for consecutive 3 or 4 birthdays, get ready to call her mama soon.phopo meme

6-Speical eidee every year

If your siblings are getting 100 rupees and you are being showered with  dress for eid and 1000 rupees, you must not take it for granted. Your pupho cum sasu ma is being clear in her objectives.phopo meme

Share your thoughts and signs in the comments, what you guys observe about your beloved pupho.


Alvira Rajpoot
Alvira Rajpoot
is a part time writer at beam.pk, and cover different niches.

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