7 Natural Swimming Places n Islamabad, Pakistan

What if it’s been told that in Islamabad there are 7 Natural Swimming Places installed in the exotic setting by nature, where you can dip through cool waters under blazing sun? This sounds very thrilling that all these natural swimming places in Islamabad will allow you to save money spent on chlorine-mixed water of fancy pools, and experience some enchanting locations which are all about rock slides, meandering river, waterfalls and extravagant water oasis nestled in mountains to frolic in and commiserate with rich vibe of swimming in lap of nature!

Let’s dive into the practical catalogue of 7 Natural Swimming Places In Islamabad, Pakistan which are not just economical but breathtaking at same time.

7- Simly Dam, Islamabad

Only 20 minutes away from Islamabad, there lay Siml Dam-water reservoir for twin cities i.e. Islamabad and Rawalpindi.  Comprised of water storage from melting snow and natural spring of Murree Hills, Simly Dam perched out in middle of scenic valley, bestowing peace and soul soothing vibes.

6- Kund, Islamabad

Located in Islamabad Capital Territory, Kund is beach location at convergence of two rivers i.e. River Indus and River Kabul. Approximately 121 km away from downtown Islamabad, Kund Malir Beach’s hidden paradise of green-blue water along with white dunes can be seen vividly from G.T road.

At Attock Bridge separating two provinces of Pakistan i.e. Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhawa. Dolphins, Crystal clear sea water and historic temples make this beach a big hit for family day out in all seasons.

5- Chatar Park, Islamabad

At drive away distance of 15 minutes, here comes a real treat for daredevils and fun enthusiasts, the Chattar Park. Featuring a gently flowing stream, waterfall, and the surrounding hillside within its territory. Chatar Park known for shallow waters to experience the fun of dip!

4- Swaik Lake, Kallar Kahar, Islamabad

One of most exotic setting for swimming and diving, Swaik Lake is located in Punjab province, approximately 2 hours away from Islamabad. The ideal route to approach the beautiful waters of Swaik Lake is M2 motorway linking Lahore and Islamabad, which is bliss for daredevils giving them exiting opportunity of cliff diving and swimming in deep waters of fresh water lake.

3- Rawal Lake, Islamabad

Beautifully laid out in the panoramic view of Margala Hills, this artificial lake is serving water for Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Not just being a typical reservoir, the lake has turned into a park for picnic time. Brimmed with beautiful birds and greenery all over the place, the lake serves swimming options to visitors too.

2- Trail 5, Islamabad

Islamabad is blessed with proximity to nature, among its precious gems, there trails nestled in the premises of Margala Hills. Trail 5 is ideal among the 8 different trails, which basically varies in distances along with other two tracks. Covered will exotic plants and trees in the thick of rock-mountains.

Trail 5 highly recommended for diving and swimming purposes, as the crystal clear water stream is bliss for occasional enthusiast. For all those tranquility seekers, exploring all the trails would be fair option in Islamabad. Where a 300 year old ‘Banyan’ is there (trail 5) to amaze visitors grasped in nature and humming of wild birds.

1-Neela Sandh Picnic Point, Islamabad

Have no bucks, but there is urge of swimming and dive into lap of nature experiencing savor of craziness but full compassion of dip, then there is one fair and blind option in Islamabad, Neela Sandh Picnic Point! Merely one hour drive-away from downtown Islamabad, the place is featuring waterfalls  and series of natural swimming pools of deep blue-green water for all those lads, who want to experience something unusual than boring swimming in man-made pools. (Note: Life jackets must taken in deep waters of Neela Sandh Picnic Point, Islamabad.)

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