5 Best Natural Places for Swimming in Karachi – Must Visit


Swimming is not just diving into a pool of water or overrated sports for exercising your body, but it’s the most exciting activity and hobby among world-class sports. But what if the nature provides you natural swimming pool in your town, to save your buckets of money for diving in manmade pools? Does not it sound peaceful and economical at the same time, that swimming would be more than a refreshing pastime allowing you to connect deeply with nature along with picturesque surrounding scenery? For having  one-of-a-kind experience and maximum tranquility, today we have made a handy list of 5 Best Natural Places for Swimming in Karachi, as summer is at the corner, and it’s that time of year when most of us would give anything to jump into a refreshing swimming hole.

5-Kirthar Mountains, Karachi

Nature is blessing you golden opportunity to dive into lap of crystal clear and cold water, without wasting money for getting membership of fancy swimming pool. For such galvanizing experience, you must not take 2-3 hours drive from downtown Karachi to Kirthar Mountains as something unusual! Known for its several exotic water streams nestled amid fat mountains of Kirthar Range at natural border of Sindh to Balochistan, the Kirthar Mountains plethora of sight exploration of historic places along with diving into little water oasis.

4- Mubarak Village Karachi

Escaping the hustle and bustle of city in Karachi is not hard but it is as easy as finding fish in the city! Thanks to its Mubarak Village, which is approximately an hour drive-away from the downtown, lying at the border of Balochistan provincial border..The place is more than a fisherman locality, but an exotic remote village cum beach for locals of Karachi, allowing them to dive into clean blue-green seawater, to beat the heat of summer.

3- Paradise Point, Karachi

Unquestionably, Karachi is known for its exquisite beaches, blessing locals and tourists to get entertained with breezy atmosphere of the city. Among the natural places for swimming in Karachi, Paradise Point is really a natural gem-all about sandstone rocks and crystal-clear fresh water. Locally, it is celebrated as most visited beach in Karachi, brimmed with picnic spots and amusement parks all over the place.

2- Clifton Beach, Karachi

The city with big sea! Karachi is naturally blessed with sea, which has become trademark for it globally. If anyone is urging to dive into fresh water and not having bucks in pocket-all you need is to rush towards Clifton Beach. Nothing can be more exciting than swimming and witnessing sunset in the evening, bestowing your soul to connect with nature and beauty of Arabian Sea. *Note: Clifton Beach, mostly known as Sea-view gets very crowded in weekends.

1-Kanrach Waterfalls

For the swimming lovers and nature enthusiasts, here comes the little patch of water paradise in Karachi. Kanrach Waterfalls in undoubtedly a majestic water oasis of green-blue water, in the thick of multi-colored and beautifuly carved mountains. Approximately 2 hours away from the midtown from Karachi, Kanrach Waterfalls is the place that defines serenity! Reaching to such celestial place, it is a breathtaking experience, crammed with lofty mountains, wildlife, natural pools and dipping in this evergreen water is highly recommended for all the daredevils, seeking for adrenaline rush all their life.

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