7 Most Famous Pakistani’s Pictures in 2016

Every year we see a lot of ups and downs, some moments make us happy, others leave our eyes filled with tears. This year was the same, a few memorable moments and a few sad spectacles; more sad moments than the happy ones, but its Pakistan, we’re used to it, aren’t we?

Here are a few pictures which reflect Pakistan’s good, bad and the ugly.

1-Momina Mustehsan Coke Studio Waali1.	Momina Mustehsan Coke Studio Waali

She won the hearts of so many Pakistanis with her performance ‘Afreen Afreen’ plus her killer looks. She rose to become Pakistan’s new darling this year.

2-Abdul Sattar EdhiAbdul SattarEdhi

Pakistan lost its most precious gem on July 08, 2016.This reminds me of a piece of Urdu poetry,

‘Bichhra kuch is sadaa se k rutt he badal gaee

Aik Shakhs Pooray shehar ko veeran kargaya’

3-The Dabang Thakur SaabThe Dabang Thakur Saab

It was a treat to watch the Ranger’s Rana Thakur arrest, or I might say take into custody, MQM’s Farooq Sattar this year after ‘You-Know-Who’ raised slogans against Pakistan.

4-Jeena from Mann MayalJeena from Mann Mayal

Ayesha Khan’s role as Jeena in Mann Mayal, was a viral hit, in which she did not have parents, of course.

5-The Chai WalaChai Wala

Arshad Khan, the Chai wala became an overnight hit because of his sexy blue eyes, thanks to the photograph taken by some girl while he was making Chai at a local Dhaaba.

6-Taher Shah – The AngelTaher Shah – The Angel

Taher Shah once again hit the internet with his mind blowing song ‘Angel’, I don’t know how he pulled it off but only he could do a song like that.

7-Sheikh Rasheed – Pindi Boy Thug7.	Sheikh Rasheed – Pindi Boy Thug

No matter what the people say about him, he is the bluntest and the most dabang politician in Pakistan. The entry he made for his Jalsa a couple of days ago affirms this. ‘Catch me if you can’!

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