Best 5 Toothpaste You Must Try – Popular Brands

In Pakistan there are plenty of toothpaste brands are available local manufactured and international, you can buy any of them. But most of use addicted to one brand only and we doesn’t change toothpaste brand regular. But there are many of other good products of best brands which offer more value in same price.

Today, am going to tell you which are best toothpaste which you must try.

1-Oral-B 1-2-3prod15_02_d_big

The best one which i personally like is the Oral-B 1-2-3, this one is made by the Oral-B which is now part of the P&G. The Oral-B 1-2-3 is complete toothpaste which not only cleanse your mouth but gives you fresh breath with whitening teeth. It’s all in one fluoride toothpaste which completely clean your whole mouth and also prevent cavities plus works to relieve nerve pain.

If you did’t tried it, then you must try it and share your review with others.

2- Colgate Sensitive Multi-Protectionsensitive-multiprotection

At number two, we placed Colgate Sensitive Multi-protection, this is also all in one product which prevent cavities, whiten your teeth and gives you fresh breath. It’s also helpful in sensitivity relief, fights tartar, removes plaque and promotes healthy gums.

3-Protect G- Gum care Toothpasteprotect-g-gum-care

The protect toothpaste is easily available in many stores and which is as good as compared to many local or international brands. Protect-G is not only protect gums but also clean completely and whiten teeth with fresh breath. It is also useful in nerve pain or gums diseases.

4-Sensodyne Fluoride Toothpastefluoride_310

The Sensodyne Fluoride toothpaste is placed at number four due there best performance as compared to other Sensyodyne toothpaste products. The Sensodyne Multi Care Toothpaste is also good but it’s not give you fresh breath and it doesn’t whiten teeth well. So Sensodyne Fluoride toothpaste is best as compared to all rest of Sensyodyne toothpastes.

5-Colgate Maximum Cavity Protectioncolgate-maximum-cavity-protection-toothpaste-200g-gomart-pakistan-947

The oldest and most effective toothpaste by Colgate is there main Maximum Cavity Protection, which is best and economical . It’s also give’s you fresh breath, cavity protection and completely clean your whole mouth.

Update: You can also try Oral B Pro-Expert or Colgate Sensitive Pro Relief for sensitivity related issues. If you are in search of good toothpaste then, we are here to tell you about the best one. Few months back Sensodyne launched Sensodyne Deep Clean Toothpaste which is best for complete oral care. If you didn’t tried it, the must go for it.

Update: Colgate Pakistan added it’s new products in their existing product line. Colgate launched “Colgate Total 12 hour protection toothpastes in Pakistan. These are previously available in other countries but now you can get it Pakistan. This is best as compared to all other Toothpastes which i personally tried and listed above.

1- Colgate Total 12 hour Protection Advanced Health Toothpaste

2- Colgate Total 12 hour Protection Charcoal Deep Clean Toothpaste


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