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Adeel Afzal is a highly multi-talented Pakistani star who gained popularity and acknowledgement from his play Parziaad where he played the supporting role. It was his 2nd or 3rd project in which he showed impeccable acting skills. His bonding with Parizaad male lead Ahmad Ali Akbar was highly appreciated. Though his character ended soon but it left an impact on everyone’s mind.

Previously, Adeel has been associated with one of the popular pages on social media, Mangobaz where he worked as a digital content creator. After serving there he decided to try his luck in acting in which he remained successful. He also releases his podcasts that are a treat to watch.

Despite doing a lot of work many people don’t know much about him so let’s talk about him in detail in this guide for those who want to know about his success journey.

               Name                  Information
Actor Name Adeel Afzal
Career Actor, Content Creator and Podcaster
First Drama Aakhri Station
First Movie Zindagi Tamasha
Notable Work Parizaad
Lives In Karachi
Relationship Status Married
Nationality Pakistani

Adeel afzal

Adeel Afzal Biography

Adeel is a young and good looking guy who has worked as a digital content creator and created much meaningful content for Mangobaz. He also uploads his podcasts on his Youtube channel. Currently, he is working as an actor and impressing people with his unmatchable acting skills.

The way he performs on screen is truly tremendous. After his serial Parizaad, he has made millions of fans in a short time with a supporting role. He has also worked in a Pakistani movie Zindagi tamasha that had a strong message.

He is one of those stars who knows what to bring for the audience. He prefers quality over quantity and it reflects in his project choices. Adeel has indeed a long way to go and we are hoping to see him more in different dramas with a unique storyline.

Adeel Date of Birth

This talented star was born in Karachi and is still living there with his family.


There are very few people who are good at everything and undoubtedly Adeel Afzal is one of them who is not only an actor, in fact, a great writer, content creator, director and whatnot. Yes, you heard it right. He does everything with perfection because of which he is stealing millions of hearts.

He started this journey by being a digital content creator at Mangobaz from where he gained a lot of popularity. He spent many years there, however, after which he quit that job and entered into the industry. He also does podcasts and talks on various important and current issues.

His video on Why Aurat March is not needed made a debate on social media. he keeps uploading videos on sensitive topics and never hesitates to share his point of view with elegance. He is a content creator in a true sense.



His acting journey has remained successful so far. He started this journey with the drama Aakhri station opposite many big names including Sanam Saeed and did a tremendous job. After that serial, he was seen in the 2021 blockbuster drama Parizaad opposite Ahmad Ali Akbar and won millions of hearts.

He also did a movie Zindagi Tamasha that is also based on a sensitive issue. The movie was stopped to release on cinemas in the first place but the director and other team didn’t lose hope.

List of Dramas

  • Aakhri Station
  • Parizaad

List of Movies

  • Zindagi Tamasha

The way he is progressing in the industry, we are hoping to see more of his dramas in the future.

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