Aliexpress 11.11 Sale 2018| Get Up To 70% OFF


Global Shopping Festival with Aliexpress 11-11 Sale 2018 (Coming Soon)!!!

It’s time to say bye bye to the summer season and welcome to the winter season. To say good bye in a good way Aliexpress plan a mega event for its customers. Aliexpress is going to organize a mega event with the name of Aliexpress 11-11 Sale 2018. The 11-11 has become one of the largest Online Shopping day in the world, therefore, this year the same day has been selected for a mega event. On this special event Aliexpress would offer a big discount on all its products. This mega shopping festival would be only for one day (24 hours). A great discount would be given on all products categories by Aliexpress. It is a global shopping festival event that would be held in next month for one day. On this special day, the customers will be offered a discount of up to 70% OFF on millions of AliExpress products. All the major brands of clothing, shoes, accessories, home appliances, electronics and peripherals would be included in Aliexpress 11-11 Sale 2018. Don’t miss this great event that would be held in next month. Wait a little more and visit any nearest Aliexpress store with your friends and family to enjoy Aliexpress 11-11 Sale 2018.

Details of Aliexpress 11-11 Sale 2018

Aliexpress is currently working for a big day that would be organized in next month. The bog day is all about Aliexpress 11-11 Sale 2018. This great sale would be start from 11th November 2018 and would be end after 24 hours. It is a limited time period sale so, you should go fast and attend this great festival. The complete details are given below with categories and much more.

Aliexpress 11-11 Sale 2018

Categories in Aliexpress 11-11 Sale 2018

Aliexpress is providing a handsome discount price on all its products. The main categories that would be included in this mega sale offer are as follows:

  • All Men’s Clothing & Accessories
  • All Men Shoes
  • All Men Watches
  • Computer and Electronics
  • All External Storage
  • All Phone Accessories
  • All Office Electronics
  • Health and Entertainment
  • All Bicycle Repaid Tools

Discount Details

Aliexpress 11-11 Sale 2018 is offering a huge discount on all its products. You can get all products within discounted rates. There is up to 70% OFF on all products from Aliexpress 11-11 Sale 2018. All deals are available with mega discount in this great event.

More about Aliexpress 11-11 Sale 2018

Aliexpress is going to held something special and in this regard there is a great festival in the next month. The big day in next month is 11th November 2018. A big collection of products would be assembled and would be presented to people. This festival would remain for 24 hours and you can buy any product from this mega event within the specified time. It is an entertaining festival which is celebrated as ‘Singles Day’ or ‘Day of the Bachelors’ to celebrate the fact that they are proud of being single. Therefore, November 11 (11.11) has been chosen because the number “1” resembles an individual that is alone. This day got so much fame in all over the world and become one of the largest Online Shopping days in the world. Therefore a Global Shopping Festival has been arranged on this big day.

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