Amir Liaquat leaves Bol TV flash Twitter fight

The disputable televangelist and king of ratings, Amir Liaquat left Bol TV. Talk show host claimed that news channel owed him money. Earlier, he had announced his resignation during a live programme, however this time he used Twitter for the announcement.

Aamir tweeted, “The journey has come to an end and not a friendly end. Now I am not part of #BOL. They owe me my dues.”

The news channel made a quick response to the statement saying it as a very unprofessional practice stating, “BOL & its management had received no prior notice or intimation regarding Dr. Aamir Liaquat’s resignation until now made through his Twitter a/c which is a thoroughly unprofessional practice.

Amir Liaquat always remained the center of attention due to his pointless controversies with different channels. During his journey at the channel, Liaquat stroked many political and non political personalities with his harsh words. However, he apologized them for his misbehavior  and all the hurts claiming that BOL TV forced him to do so.

Further he revealed that none of the winners of Ramzan Transmission got any planes or land cruisers by the channel.

Talking about the dues, Liaquat said that he is keeping the vehicle with him and will return it to the channel only when they will clear his dues.

This is not the first time since Amir Liaquat is leaving any channel. Earlier he had left other media networks as well including GEO TV, Express and ARY. The controversial televangelist is best known for his ill speech about TV channels after quitting.

However, public again got another topic of Aamir Liaquat to make fun of him on social media. On social media people are bashing Liaquat saying him as drama icon, dramay baz,film and all.

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Amna Ansar
Amna Ansar
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