Amir Liaquat to host Pakistani version of ‘Kon Banega Carorpati’

Amir liaquat and Kon Banega Carorpati?

Without a doubt Amir Liaquat knows how to stay in the news and how to keep the audience hooked. though he is the most controversial celebrity in Pakistan but at the same time he is the most watched televangelist as well.

For sure Pakistanis will always have a long love and hate relationship with Amir Liaquat – Scholar turned entertainer.

A few weeks back Amir Liaquat made a huge news and surprised the audiance by departing from Bol news. Surely, he has worked on new famous channel and is still working on one as well.

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But according to the news, Amir liaquat did not really leave Bol media group. According to the latest updates he will be hosting a new game show on PAk news. For those who are unaware, Pak news is another channel that is run by Bol media group.

Pak news only gave a clue of the new game show in the start and wanted the audience to guess the name of the show. Pak news also offered free passes to the lucky winners who guess the name correctly.

As soon as Pak news posted the tweet, people were able to figure out the name and the person who will be hosting the show.

in short, it can be said that it is possible that Pakistani awam’s favorite Amir Liaquat will soon be launching his very own version of ‘Kaun Banega Crorpati’ with his own kind of twist.

Amir Bhai will definitely raise the bar of the reality show this time around and no one can stop him from launching the biggest game show. But Pakistani awam better not forget that Fahad MUstafa is not less than a ruler when it comes to the rating of the Pakistani game shows.

Lets wait and watch!

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