Top 5 Best Restaurant Azad Kashmir (Delicious Food Spots)

Get a Perfect Dine out in Top 5 Best Restaurant Azad Kashmir

Azad Kashmir is the prettiest place on the earth. This beautiful land is equipped with natural resources and beauty which doubles the beauty of the Kashmir. As a result, a record number of tourist visit Azad Kashmir every day which includes national and international tourists.

As there are a large number of tourists, it is compulsory for them to know about best restaurants in Azad Kashmir which doubles the enjoyment of the tour. However, this list of Top 5 Best Restaurant Azad Kashmir will blow your mind to visit these places again and again. Consider these restaurants whenever you visit this natural beauty place.

Top 5 Best Restaurant Azad Kashmir:

The list of Top 5 Best Restaurant Azad Kashmir is based on the customer reviews. This helps in making your tour even more interesting and memorable.

1.Nafees Bakers Restaurant:

Nafees Bakers is a renowned restaurant in New Mirpur city Kashmir. They offered best ever delicious cuisines and bakery products that you will hardly find in the whole region. A small deficiency in the restaurants is that its prices are a bit high. But if someone offers delightful food at high prices, then it’s not a bad deal. Their special foods include Baked cakes, Russian salad, burgers, Bar B.Q, fried fish pineapple juice and many more.   Top 5 Best Restaurant Azad Kashmir

The various and mouthwatering menu items at Azad Kashmir’s Nafees Bakers Restaurant have earned it a stellar reputation. Located in the scenic Azad Kashmir region, this eatery is a favorite with both residents and visitors.

Nafees Bakers Restaurant may be most known as a bakery, but it also serves a wide range of savory foods from Pakistani, Indian, and Continental cuisines. The restaurant has a diverse menu that includes anything from freshly made bread and pastries to hearty dishes like biryani, karahi, and grilled meats.

The dedication to utilizing top-notch ingredients and upholding impeccable standards of sanitation is what distinguishes Nafees Bakers Restaurant from its competitors. Visitors are guaranteed an unforgettable dining experience by the establishment’s pride in its fresh, tasty food and pleasant service.

The warm and welcoming atmosphere at Nafees Bakers Restaurant is just as important as the delicious food they serve. The restaurant has a warm and inviting ambiance that enhances the gastronomic experience in Azad Kashmir, whether guests are in the mood for a fast snack or a more leisurely meal.

2. Amin Kebab House:

Another famous restaurant in the region is Amin Kebab House. They offer the world’s best Kebab and you will find it difficult to not order it again. No doubt, the quality of the kebab is based on fresh meat, great chief, and delicious ingredients. However, They offer many other Asian foods but kebab and curry are really unbeatable.

If you’re looking for some delicious grilled food, go no further than Azad Kashmir’s famous Amin Kebab House. The restaurant’s delicious food and kind atmosphere have made it a hit with both residents and tourists in the picturesque Azad Kashmir region.

Savory kebabs cooked with high-quality meat marinated in fragrant spices are only one of the many grilled specialties offered at Amin Kebab House. Grilled chicken, seekh kebabs, and tikka are just a few of the other mouth-watering options on the menu.

Amin Kebab House stands out from the crowd because of its dedication to traditional cooking methods and its use of fresh, flavorful ingredients. Every meal served at this restaurant conveys the genuine flavor of the area, and the dedication to quality is something the staff is quite proud of.

Top 5 Best Restaurant Azad Kashmir

3. Mr.COD:

A beautiful British restaurant located in Muzaffarabad Kashmir is Mr. COD. This restaurant is best for providing yummiest food along with a comfortable and luxury environment. The well-mannered staff, presentation of the food and delicious dishes make this restaurant number one in the whole region. They offer best-ever finger and COD fish which is very tasteful.Top 5 Best Restaurant Azad Kashmir

4.Neelum View Hotel and Restaurant:

This restaurant is the part of the Neelum view hotel. The hotel is the restaurant is located in the beautiful scenery of Kashmir which provides comfortable and perfect moments for your visits, the food is just amazing. Chicken Karachi with loaf is best ever when you eat it by sitting near the river associated with the restaurant. However, the Daal mash is just awesome and forces you to order again and again.Top 5 Best Restaurant Azad Kashmir

5. KFC Mangla Cantt:

It’s almost impossible that a person is not aware of the name and taste of KFC. The only restaurant in Azad Kashmir offering fast food. The pizzas, burgers, sandwiches and all fast food is just awesome and delicious. The peaceful and luxurious location in Azad Kashmir offering best ever food taste.Top 5 Best Restaurant Azad Kashmir

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