Ayesha Omar and Yasir Hussain to Cast Together in a Movie on Javed Iqbal

Ayesha Omar and Yasir Hussain are the two megastars of the Pakistani Showbiz Industry who never fails to impress their fans. Though both haven’t done a lot of dramas or movies yet, the work they have done is worth mentioning and worth applauding. The versatility of both actors can’t go unnoticed.

If you are a fan of both actors and want to see them together once again, here is great news for you. This duo, who was previously seen in 2015 in a Pakistani movie, is again coming on your screens soon. They are one of those pairs who guarantees to bring something unique and catchy to the table.

Ayesha Omar and Yasir

Ayesha Omar and Yasir Hussain to Cast Together

Ayesha Omar is known for her amazing fashion sense. However, there is a lot more than we can appreciate about her. In the past few years, the dramas or movies she has acted in have been super successful. On the other hand, there is nothing that Yasir can’t do. He is a host, an actor, writer and director too.

When 2 brilliant people come together in a project, we can expect it to be a blockbuster. Both are coming in a biopic of Javed Iqbal, a rapist and a murderer, and we are super excited about it.

The Untold Story of a Serial Killer: Javed Iqbal

Yes, you thought right; this is the name of their upcoming movie that is based on Javed Iqbal. He was a rapist and a murderer who murdered 100 children from 1998 to 1999. After killing them, he used to burn them in acid so that no one recognizes their bodies. However, he was sentenced to death the same way.

A few days ago, Yasir shared a picture on social media confirming his new character. It will be highly interesting to watch how Yasir will pull off this difficult character.

More Details

The upcoming movie The Untold Story of a Serial Killer: Javed Iqbal is written and directed by Abu Aleeha. He is a noted film director of Lollywood. On the other hand, it will be produced under KKFilms by the Javed Ahmed banner. The movie will revolve around the life of this serial killer and how he used to kill innocent lives.

The shooting of the movie has begun, and once the COVID is over, the movie will release anytime. However, we are super excited about this upcoming film.

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