Why Bahria University Separated Girls and Boys Cafe?

Separate Cafes for Boys and Girls in Bahria University| Is a good Step?

Bahria University is the public research university mainly located in Islamabad. Now it also maintain its other campuses in Karachi and Lahore. Bahria University’s Islamabad Campus officially issued a notice for Separate Cafeterias for Male and Female Students. The university banned on mix gathering of girls and boys in cafeterias points. It is an official notice by University Dean so all students should obey this. In case of breaching the code students would face a strict action by university’s dean.

Details of Separation of Cafes in Bahria University

The Bahria University Islamabad campus perform an action on the separate cafeterias for girls and boys in university. The female students can avail the food from Dean’s Cafeteria that is located in Quaid Block. All the female students only can use Dean’s Cafeteria and not allowed to go on other food point in University.

All male students of Bahria University can use other food points except Dean’s Cafeteria. Student Café, Daily Grind Point and Capital Café are reserved for male students. All boys are not allowed to go in Dean’s Cafeteria.

Official Notification from University

Deputy Director Admin & Coordination of university Habib-ur-Rehman signed the official notification on separation of cafes. It is not the first time that university issued a notification like this. In the last month Bahria University issued a notice for both gender students to keep 6-inch distance between each other. The Federation of All Pakistan Universities Academic Staff Association took notice on 6-inch rule and ordered to the university’s administration to finish the 6-inch rule.

Arguments on this Notification

The university’s staff member said that this order don’t make any sense because all other things are same for male and female students. So why they are separating the café point separate for both genders. He also added that due to these orders we are unable to prepare our students the responsible persons of our society. The students who are going to start their professional careers have no need to these limitations. The person who give this idea should think first before issuing any order.

Social Media Reaction on Separate Cafes

Many students are making fun on this order because last month University issued 6-inch rule and now this useless order. One student said what’s wrong with Bahria University management. Why they are imposing such ridiculous limitations on students rather than to educate them nicely. it is looking too much difficult to maintain this order in the university after seeing the reaction on social media.

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