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The most Famous & Iconic Towers in Dubai – Must Visit

Dubai is the largest city in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) famous for beautiful building. Dubai has many iconic places where everyone should visit with their friends and family. There are many Famous and Iconic Towers in Dubai with beautiful design and architecture. Dubai also has skyscrapers as the first high-rise in the city and the tallest building in the Middle East. Here are the details of top 5 Iconic and Famous Towers in Dubai.

Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa is one of the most famous skyscrapers in Dubai and in the world.  Dubai is very popular due to this Iconic Tower in all over the world. It has almost 830 meters height and has a Frank Lloyd architecture. It stands in the heart of Dubai surrounded by Dubai Mall, Dubai Fountain and Dubai Opera. It was designed by Adrian Smith and the tower includes a residential section, dining halls and the Armani Hotel. Must visit this Iconic Tower if you are in Dubai.

South Korean firm Samsung Engineering & Construction developed and built the Burj Khalifa as part of Dubai’s ambitious urban development project. Renowned architect Adrian Smith was the project architect. Its avant-garde style, which draws inspiration from Islamic architecture, is both a tribute to the region’s rich history and a technological leap forward.

The Burj Khalifa, which towers majestically over the desert environment, provides a diverse array of services to its inhabitants and guests. Its soaring silhouette commands attention from every angle of the Dubai skyline and marks a turning point in the city’s and the region’s economic fortunes.

On top of its observation decks, the Burj Khalifa boasts opulent residences, restaurants serving gourmet cuisine, exclusive corporate suites, and the world-famous Armani Hotel Dubai, providing visitors with an unmatched degree of refinement and elegance.

The Burj Khalifa has also become a symbol of sustainability and innovation on a worldwide scale. It has integrated state-of-the-art technology to lessen its impact on the environment and increase its energy efficiency. This building is a model of 21st-century sustainable urban construction with its cutting-edge cooling technologies and water management procedures.

In addition to being an iconic piece of architecture, the Burj Khalifa represents Dubai’s bold goals and dogged drive for success. It is proof of the city’s persistent will to set new standards in modern architecture and urban planning and to shatter existing ones.


Burj-al-Arab is probably the most recognizable building in Dubai shaped like a massive sail. It is also famous as “Seven Star” hotel in Dubai. It has almost 321 meters of height and the most photographed monuments in the world. This Iconic Tower has ultra-luxurious 300 two stores suites, 200 meters high lobby and an underwater restaurant.

Emirates Towers

These are the double gun-metal grey towers with glass-and-steel resemble a triangular prism as the two buildings mirroring each other. These Iconic Towers are located in Dubai’s Financial District for growing your business at peak. One tower is reserved for houses offices and the other is a hotel. Emirates Towers are also have the most astonished architecture.

Cayan Tower

The old name of this Iconic Tower was Infinity Tower and many people called it by its old name. Now its new name is Cayan Tower that has the unique ‘twisted’ design and it is the source of international fame. It is situated in the Dubai Marina with 306 meter residential Iconic Tower. The architects carefully placed the rooms in the structure in order to prevent overheating. So it has become a photographer’s favorite and an icon building in Dubai’s skyline.

Almas Tower

Almas Tower is also known as Diamond Tower. The building is home to the Dubai Multi Commodities Center and includes facilities for the region’s rich gemstone industry. It is particularly famous in pearls cultivated from the Arabian Gulf and diamonds. Due to this reason security for the building is intense. You can still take some beautiful shots from outside of the building.

Princess Tower

Princess Tower is the second tallest skyscraper in Dubai and the tallest residential building in the world as well. Its name is ‘Princess’ due to the roof resembles a crown placed on top of the building. It has 763 luxury apartments as well as eight retail stores. It is near to the Cayan Tower so if you are at Cayan Tower or in Princess Tower then you can visit these both Iconic Towers.

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