Beware of the Fake Emails Sent by the Name of ISI – Confirmed by ISI

Fake Emails are Sent by the Name of ISI for Hacking

Today, many of us are receiving fake emails in the name of ISI. Today, ISI issued an alert against the fake email sent by the name of ISI. These phishing emails are spam and ISI is investigating the reason for sending this.

The inter Public service relation display a notification against these fake emails. From last week, a huge number of people are receiving emails by the name of ISI. The emailer pretends to be an ISI agent. In an email, they asked to provide the personal information in the name of inquiry. Many people become a victim of this and hence some reported to ISI against this. So, ISI cleared that such emails have no concern with them and this is sent by some spammers.

Statement of Major Asif Ghafoor:

The media group of ISI reject these emails. He said; An email is sent by the name of ISI but this email has no concern with ISI. The emails are sent to the following email address; if you received it, don’t open it and report it as a spam. Just delete the post. He also said; “ opening such link in the email can compromise the security of your laptop, iPad, and phones”.fake emails

Purpose of the Mail:

The spammer is sending this email for the following purposes:

  • Steal Data from your Laptop/Computer.
  • To steal the personal content of your phone.
  • For gaining the access to your email address.
  • For collection information through the form links in the email. The form contains different filed for your personal information.
  • Please Don’t share your personal information with anyone.

What to Do if Receive Mail:

  • Firstly, if you have received an email, please don’t open it at all. Your single click can compromise the security of your devices.
  • Moreover, if you accidentally opened the email, then please don’t click on any link. Such links contain spam to steal your data.
  • Unfortunately, if you opened the link and you have provided the information then report it as a spam.
  • Whenever you receive such emails, just delete them and report them as a spam.

What is official ISI DN:

The official domain name of the ISI is Any email sent by this domain name is official. Rest of the mail is spam and please avoid such emails.

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