Indian Actress, Sushmita Sen Harassed by a Teenager in an Award Show

Sushmita Sen Spoke about Harassment Incident

Former Miss Universe and Indian Actress Sushmita Sen revealed the incident of sexual harassment. She was harassed by a teenager in an award show. She spoke this incident in an event of promoting women safety.Sushmita Sen

Sushmita Sen is a famous actress and former miss universe. She is also the victim of harassment as many actresses are. A month ago, a Pakistani singer named Meesha Shafi spoke about the harassment against Ali Zafar. She started the campaign of #Meetoo through which many women start posting about them. A Bollywood actress Sushmita Sen also spoke about this violence in an event. She also becomes the victim of sexual harassment in an award show by a teenager.

What Happened:

Once she attends the award ceremony and she was harassed by a teenager. She was entering the hall and there was the huge crowd there. A 15 years old teenage boy sexually assaulted her. The boy thought that here is a mess crowd and no one can identify him. But Sushmita Sen identifies him by grabbing his hand and get surprised by seeing that a person is a teenager.

After that, the boy refused to accept this blame and try to run from the spot. But Sushmita doesn’t let him go not even apologies. Then, the boy ensured that he will never do such thing with anyone. He starts apologizing again and again and Sushmita let him go.  But she warned the boy that she had seen his face and if such thing happens again then she will take action against him.

Some Worlds of Sushmita:

On the eve of promoting the women security, she revealed a shocking incident about harassment. She described how she was sexually assaulted by a teenager. Despite having heavy security around her, she becomes a victim. Also, many other female actresses also had to face the same situations.

Further, she said; there is no specific age group of the people who do such things. The culprit can be at any stage of age, but we should recognize this. As we all know that, a huge number of women are being assaulted by the men of every age. Only a few of them have the courage and potential to talk about this violence. The #MeToo also spoke out in the cross-border and many women came to speak about this.

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