Neelum Valley incident, 12 Year Old Saim Drowned while Saving Others 


12 Year Boy Scarifies his Life while saving people Neelum Valley Incident

A 12- years old Kashmiri boy named Saim who lives near the Neelum valley. He sacrifices his life while saving the people after Neelum Valley Incident. He rescued 2 people and then killer water also drowned him.

A horrible incident took place a week before in Neelum valley. When the bridge collapse and many university students drowned while others rescued. Neelum Valley Incident happens when the university students were taking pictures on Kendal Shahi Bridge. Due to the overloading, the bridge collapse and many students drowned. Almost more than 11 people were coming to death while others are still missing. The rescue teams saved few people while others are missing.

But a brave 12- years old boy don’t wait for the rescue teams and jump into the reviver to save the people. He successfully saved two people. After that, he again jumped into the river to rescue more people. But the water won’t allow him to do so and the selfish waves of the water drowned him also. He is not alive now and his but is still missing. But he will remain alive in our thoughts and hearts forever.

What People Said on Twitter:

A famous anchor Hamid Mir pay tribute to this little angle by saying that; “Salute to this little boy Saim, who sacrificed his life for saving others in Neelum valley incident”.  Neelum Valley Incident

Famous and senior politician of Awami National Party (ANP), Mian Iftikhar Hussain also tweeted; We salute the 12 years old boy Saim, who sacrifices his life for saving the other people.  He saved one person and retrieved one body out of the river. When he again jumped to save other people, the waves swept away this boy. We salute you for this sacrifice.Neelum Valley Incident

Many other people on twitter also pay heritage to this youngest hero for his sacrifices. People demand to award him with the national award for his bravery. After Neelum Valley Incident, some people said that they have personally met this boy and he lives near the Neelum valley. But government and other institutes have not yet declared anything about him. Although he is not alive now, he will always be in our hearts and mind. we also pay attribute to this little angel and pray for his parents and family.

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