Utility Store Corporation Ramzan Packages 2018 and Price List


Ramzan Packages 2018 (Price List, Discount, Complain Number).

Utility Store announced Ramzan Packages 2018 of worth Rupees 1 Billion and 73 crores. The authority announced 5% to 10% off on more than 1000 products. The price list is displayed across all the stores in the country.

Utility Store Corporation is a retailer company in Pakistan working since 1971. The corporation is funded by government to give special discount on the market. The middle and lower class people can get the desired product in less price as compare to market they have more than 6,000 stores all across the country. Moreover, they have 65 regional offices in different cities. This year, a huge amount of funding is allocated for utility stores and price list is also displayed for Ramzan Packages 2018. The prices are very low as compare to market products and here is a reasonable amount of discount on varied products. On this holy month of Ramzan, this store is ready to fulfill all of your needs at affordable prices.

Utility Store Ramzan Packages 2018:

The Ramzan Packages 2018 contains 5% to 10% off on more than 1000 selective products. The discount is applicable to varied foods and beverages such as sugar, flour, milk, rice, oil, shampoo, wheat gram, and many others. Visit your nearest store and enjoy the Ramzan Packages 2018.

Ramzan Packages 2018 Price List:

The price list is displayed on very utility store. The list includes more than 1000item but here is some basic and few list detail.

ProductMarket PriceDiscounted Pricesave rupees
Flour (20 kg) – –80 Rupees
Oil (varied brands) – –15 Rupees
Cooking Oil (varied brands) – –10 Rupees/ liter
Sugar (1 kg)56 Rupees51 Rupees5 Rupees
Daal channa (1 KG)120 Rupees95 Rupees25 Rupees
Daal Mong (White)115 Rupees90 Rupees25 Rupees
Daal Mash (White)140 Rupees105 rupees35 Rupees
Daal Masoor115 Rupees80 Rupees35 Rupees
White Channa180 Rupees140 Rupees40 Rupees
Gram Flour140 Rupees120 Rupees20 Rupees
Dates (500 g)100 Rupees75 Rupees25 Rupees
Super Basmati Rice140 Rupees110 Rupees30 Rupees
Sela Rice Kainat140 rupees115 Rupees25 Rupees
Broken Rice80 Rupees63 Rupees11 Rupees
Beverages (800 ml)190 Rupees177 Rupees13 Rupees
Beverages (1500 ml)330 Rupees311 Rupees19 Rupees
Lipton Tea (950 g)840 Rupees756 Rupees84 Rupees
Tapal Tea (950 g)840 Rupees761 Rupees79 Rupees
Tetra Pack Milk130 Rupees110 Rupees20 Rupees

Complain Numbers and Queries:

If you have any complain or do you have any query, then contact through these numbers.

WhatsApp: 0341-111-666-7

Toll-Free Number: 0800-05590

Utility Complaint Cell: 051-111-123-570

Ministry Complaint Number: 051-9202309

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