How to Check Latest Prize Bond Schedule 2024

Are you a prize bond user and looking for a detailed prize bond schedule for 2024? Then you are exactly in the right place. Today, I will tell you about a website through which you can check the complete and accurate bond schedule.

So, that website is that provides all the latest updates related to prize bonds. Every year, the Central Directorate of National Saving Pakistan announced the complete schedule of the Prize Bond.

Thus, the organization has also announced complete schedule. The schedule contains all the information such as prize bond denomination, name of the city and date. In the schedule, the draw number of each bond is also present.

In short, the prize bond schedule helps the users remember the dates and cities of the draws. So, having a correct and authentic schedule is very necessary so that people can check their draws without any delay.

For this purpose, is a website that contains all the latest and authentic information regarding the prize bond schedule. However, the website not only provides schedule information but all other related content.

How to check the prize bond schedule 2024

  • You can check the prize bond schedule 2024 by the following method:
    Visit the website and click on the Prize bond Schedule.
  • The option is available on the right side of the home page.
    At there you will get the prize bond schedule of 2024. (you can also see the schedule of previous years in the form of tab)
  • You have to click on the tab, then the complete schedule will open on your screen.
  • However, you can directly jump to the 2024 prize bond schedule through
  • Hopefully, after seeing this image, there will be no further confusion in understanding the given method to check the schedule.

In 2021, the government decided to terminate the prize bond of Rs 25000, so now there will be only 28 draws. However, from the mentioned website, you will be able to see all details and updates.

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