Checklist to Get a Perfect Job in Pakistan

You might be a good team player and enriched with skills but if you are not familiar with job searching skills, then you would be in hot waters. Most of the people suffer from this. They lose the opportunities and then blame companies and their luck. But that’s not the reason. You must do your own accountability first!

I am going to put forward the top 5 job hunting tips before you. If you follow them and act accordingly, your chances to get a reply back from the company arise. You will find it so practical and productive in a job search. So, let’s begin

  1. Make A Job Oriented CV

You must make a CV that fulfills job required skills. This is the first thing that agencies look when they receive your resume. Avoid mentioning extra abilities and interests and be specific to the topic. Mention your past job experience on the top and make bulleted points to explain it.

Make readability improved rather it should be worth reading. This is like a checklist. Here you can ensure the employers that you are the right guy for the job. And they will surely call you back and schedule a one-one meeting.

  1. Follow Best Job Portals

You must regularly visit Pakistan’s best job websites once or twice a day to find new vacancies of your interest. The number of job portals available in Pakistan that surely help you to get your dream jobs like anewjobs, Rozee, Mustakbil and many more. Most of the government vacancies are offered by the testing system that can be NTS, PTS or OTS and never miss the latest NTS jobs in Pakistan offered by government officials. Get updates for every single job opportunity for private and government jobs published in newspapers in Pakistan.

Once you sign up for these sites and subscribe to their newsletter, you regularly find daily job vacancies in your email. This is so time saving and easy. Moreover, you can make build your online resume that companies can view online.

  1. Find Hidden Vacancies

Many jobs in Pakistan are open before they are advertised. If you enter the internal recruitment and make some coordination with the HR department, they will surely give you a priority. This is a fact that personal relations matter and references are backbones in big companies. You need to be quick in this regard.

  1. Attract Employers

Make a potential CV. Build your online resume and leave it there. The employers will see your outstanding portfolio and the chances of getting you called for an interview and hired become more prominent. Daily check the statistics of your profile. One day you will be called. Think positive and be positive in all situations. Once you start believing, the things get sorted automatically.

  1. Follow-up – Twice

This is the most important point! Majority of job seekers ignore it. Ask them, “Hi Sir, just a quick note – You mentioned that you would be firming up hiring plans this week. I am very excited to help you launch your product this year. No response needed. But please let make know if I need to provide any additional information regarding the job.”

This is the most effective way to consider you for the job. Don’t send them repeated emails. It will leave a bad impression on them. Just sit quietly and wait for the response from the companies.

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