Facebook Group Subscription – You have to Pay for Joining the Group


Facebook is Testing Facebook Group Subscription Model

Now you have to pay for joining the groups on Facebook. The admins of the group will charge a monthly fee for the group members. Facebook Group Subscription is under testing and will soon be implemented. They have taken action to facilitate the group admins for their efforts toward the group members and content.Facebook Group Subscription

Facebook is the world’s largest social media platform and it is more popular in Asia. As we know that there are thousands of groups on Facebook. You can join as many groups as you want without any fee. But this will no longer be available for you due to Facebook Group Subscription Model. The strategy is not implemented yet, instead, it is under testing. Once it will be implemented, you will have to pay monthly charges for the groups you have joined.

Who Will Receive Charges:

The charges of the Facebook Groups Subscription will be sent to the admins of the group. The administration of the group will have the authority to charge for specific content, article, video or anything that he/she want. Moreover, the number of charges will also in hands of the group admins.

The Reason for Implementing this?

The administration of the Facebook has noticed that group admins provide their services to the members without any cost. The admins of the group work hard to provide the quality content to its members. There are many reasons behind this are;

  • For providing the benefits to the group admins for their services and efforts.
  • To allow them to earn against their efforts.
  • The group will have only the serious people. Time waster and unthankful people will never pay the fee.
  • The admin will update content more efficiently and will work harder.
  • The administration can make their time more productive.

Will it Apply for All Members?

Of course not. It totally depends upon the admin of the group. They have the authority to give the privilege of the specific content to the selected number of the users. Now, the admin will have two types of members in one group

  • Members who pay will have the access to specific content. They can also access the free contents posted by admins.
  • Other members who don’t pay will not have any access to the content. However, they have the access to the free contents.

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