Video Game Addiction, Officially Announced a Disease by WHO


Video Game Addiction Declared as Gaming Disorder (A Disease)

Are you a video games-addicted? Do you feel it difficult to quit video games? Are you feeling that something is wrong with your health? If your answer is yes, then you are having a serious mental disorder. Because World Health Organization(WHO) have officially announced Video Game Addiction as a Mental Disease. Many time, many of us have heard that this addiction affects our eyes and we always neglect it. But it not only affects the eyes, it also has unpleasant effects on the mental conditions of a person.Video Game Addiction

Some years ago, a study revealed that video games sharpen the mind of a person. This study is true in some cases when one is not addicted to video games. But one has the mental disorder when they become addicted to it. WHO has already declared this study a few months ago and now they have declared the decision.

What (WHO) said:

WHO has officially announced the on Monday night. In the latest version of International Classification of the diseases (ICD-11), WHO added gaming disorder as disease. One official of WHO said that; It’s a clinical problem and it must be cured clinically by some professionals who are trained to treat it. However, the prescriptions are not decided and declared yet. The first program against this has been started in the USA and soon likely to be spread all across.

How to Know if you are becoming a victim?

Most of the people who are becoming the victim of this gaming disorder are youngsters. Mostly they are unaware that they are becoming the victim of gaming disorder. One can predict whether they are become a victim of this just by knowing these symptoms.

  • First of all, you spent more than 6-7 hours playing the video game.
  • If you can’t stop playing it even if you want to.
  • You stop loving the basic and necessary needs of your life.
  • Probably, you feel a headache and impaired vision.
  • One is playing the games for one year.

How to Control it?

  • Try to reduce the number of hours while playing the video game.
  • Adopt some new habits or hobbies and keep yourself busy.
  • If you are suffered from this disorder, then try to consult with your doctors.

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