Facebook and Instagram Screen Time Management for Time Management

Facebook and Instagram Screen Time Management Will Show You How much you Use Them

Are you a social media addict? Want to get rid of the excessive usage of this? Are you thinking that you waste a lot of your time while using the social media? Looking for a solution which tells you about how much time you have used some social media application? If yes, Facebook and Instagram are going to solve this problem. Now, Facebook and Instagram have introduced Screen Time Management system that will record the duration of the screen used. Through this time management feature, you will be able to know the time that you have wasted while using the applications.Facebook and Instagram Screen Time Management

The Director Research on Facebook reported that;

We want the actual time of the Facebook and Instagram who spent the time while using their applications; Facebook and Instagram. This feature will give more control to the consumer about their usage of our applications. This will lead to a conversation between the parents and their kids among them regarding the social media habits. This will prove what is right for them.

Distinct Feature:

  • Through this application, you will be able to know the number of minutes that you have spent while using the application.
  • You will be able to see the reports on a daily, weekly and monthly basis about the time usage.

Screen Time Management feature

  • Moreover, you can set the limit on usage of an application. For example, you can set the limit that you will use the application for 2 hours only.
  • When you will use the application more than the time limit, it will send an alert message.
  • You can mute the push notifications at any time from 15 minutes to 8 hours.

Screen Time Management feature

Setting Options:

These features will be available on both applications under the setting Tab. However, the name and display setting may vary.facebook and Instagram Screen Time Management

In Facebook:

This option will be available under the setting tab. By clicking the setting Tab, you will see the new feature named Your Time on Facebook. By clicking this tab, you will see another dashboard which will contain the daily, weekly and monthly app usage reports in minutes.

In Instagram:

By using the Instagram, you can see the number of time wasted while using the setting feature named Your Activity. Here you can set the time limit, can mute push notification and can view your time spent while using the application.

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