Now Order Your favorite Domino’s Pizza Via Snapchat App – With One Tap


Dominos and Snapchat App collaborated to Bring Augmented pizza at Your Doorstep

What if a technology and entertainment app collaborates with a perfect food company? Indeed, it’s a perfect combo and everyone is excited about this. Now, your favorite Domino’s Pizza has collaborated with the all-time favorite Snapchat app. Hence you can order your Favorite Pizza without leaving the application. No one is unaware about the perfect Domino’s Pizza which is famous all around the world. It has millions if branches in each country and popular for serving the best. On the other hand, Snapchat is a camera application which has introduced many filters for entertainment purpose.Snapchat App

The campaign has been created with the partnership of famous company Kabaq. This agency visited the Domino’s pizza shop and take some shots of the pizza. Then, they converted the pizza effect in the AR lens. The director of Domino’s Pizza said;

This campaign allows us to bring our customer closer to us. The company visited the Pizza shop and take some snaps of the pizza. Then they converted it into an AR lens which is great.

How does it work?

  • One can order the pizza with the unique AR Lenses of Snapchat and millions of users uses this AR Lens.
  • It works in Two ways.
  • Firstly, it is when you open the camera, you will see the Pizza is reflecting in your eye lens and you can capture a perfect shot at that time.
  • Secondly, once the camera will flip over, you will see a button which will allow you to order your pizza.
  • Now, you can click that button to order your pizza. This will make an alert at your nearest shop and pizza will be delivered to you.

It Can Prove Successful Campaign?

Yes, this campaign is going to be an epic due to the following reasons.Snapchat App withu domino's

  • On daily basis, about 70 Million people use this AR lens feature, so there is the high possibility that more and more people will order the pizza.
  • Almost 60 Million people spent three minutes while using this feature and it is expected that half of them will surely order one for them.
  • People do not want separate apps for entertainment and for order. They can get the best deals with one app.
  • Furthermore, people can order the pizza with just one tap.
  • Moreover, people can take the perfect shot with Lens selfie filters.

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