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With the advancement in technology, life has become a lot easier than it used to be. Gone are the days when people used to wander around to find the things they needed, but thanks to the technology, you don’t have to be there physically. Instead, you can just take out your cell phones and order whatever you desire, and you have it at your doorsteps. You can now find the best doctors using your cell phones with ease.

Everyone owns a smartphone these days, wouldn’t it be great if you could use it to access a doctor or get tips from the trusted doctors? Indeed, it would make life easier for you. Here are a few trusted apps you can use to consult doctors from home.

TalkHealth – Find right doctor

Using this app, you can find the available doctors, hospitals, take appointments and even post your queries on forum where you can get useful tips from specialists. There are multiple categories related to different diseases, from where you can see the already asked questions and the tips shared by medical experts related to a particular category.

This app gives you a plethora of options using which you can look for specialists and hospitals in a particular area. Furthermore, you can look at their complete profiles which will help you choose the best among the lot. Find the doctor that suits you and you’ll see a ‘call for appointment’ option there. You can manage all your appointments too.

My Tabeeb

My Tabeeb offers even more features. You can search for doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, diagnostic labs, emergency contacts etc., all at one place. You can call the doctors for appointment, see their complete credentials including their qualifications, experience, schedules and whatnot. In short, you need this app!

These are a few apps which are a must-have in case of emergency and even for regular use. Stay healthy!

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