Future of ePharmacy in Pakistan


You might not know about this but Pakistan’s pharmaceutical industry ranks in top 10 markets in Asia and is valued at around $4 billion. Now you all know how internet has made life easier. Everyone knows how newspapers worked before, you had to wait for next day to get news printed if you missed your chance today, now with social media and TV you are up to date all the time. ePharmacy will be the next big thing in the years to come.

Similarly some time ago people had to wait in lines at stores to buy things during rush hours. Now you can just sit in your, open your computer, search for product you want and place an order and the product will be on your doorstep within no time.
While buying clothing and stuff online is famous here in Pakistan e-pharmacy has also caught an eye of many people. A website called (SEHAT) is doing really good in this field. Apothecare (Pvt.) Ltd.’s, parent company, mission is “to provide quality healthcare products in a convenient manner to the consumer by bringing the products to the consumer’s doorstep”.wp-1480528020126.jpg

You can search for the medicines you want on their website and place an order, and you will get your product on your doorstep within a very small period of time, no need to wait in lines at medical stores anymore, lucky me.

The future seems bright for online pharmacy in Pakistan as the industry is already valued at around 4 billion dollars, with the online ordering facility included it can grow exponentially as there is a quotation by someone that goes somewhat like this “your business isn’t really business if it isn’t online”. With providing this facility they also have to make sure that people don’t get in to drug abuse, some websites require the scanned copies of prescriptions for placing an order, let’s see what happens in future.

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