Netflix Now Let’s You Download Your Favourite Shows For ‘Offline Viewing’

Today is a big day for movie lovers as Netflix – world’s largest movie streaming service has finally announced to add ‘offline playback’ option to its service.

The latest update is currently being rolled out to iOS and Android users only. However, there is no word if desktop users will be able to enjoy this feature.

According to Netflix,

“many favorite streaming series and movies are already available for download, with more on the way.”


Not all the content is available to download, however, there is a pretty rich catalouge to choose from. All of the Netflix’s first party shows and movies are available to download, plus there are some third-party content too. Moreover, Netflix has promised to expand it further.

Content that supports downloading will show a download button in the description of the movie or next to the episode title of the TV show.

You can also adjust quality of the content to ‘Standard’ or ‘Higher’. Sadly, however, the ‘Standard’ and ‘Higher’ quality options don’t say much about resolution and bitrate.

Further, you can also choose to enable ‘downloads only on Wi-Fi’. There is also a My Downloads section in the sidebar where you can find all your downloaded content. Moreover, you can also delete and check the amount of storage taken by the downloaded content.

If you don’t see the option yet, make sure your app is updated.

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