Generation Gap Rapidly Decreasing Family Values in Pakistan

Unfortunately, as the day passes the so-called mainstream phenomenon of generation gap is increasing in Pakistan, and sadly it is not subjective anymore, it is actually affecting our family values, morals and the relationships. It all started with the advancement in technology. Although, the emergence of tech and innovation has managed to create multiple opportunities and opened new ways for the current generation, but it has also emotionally and mentally detached them from their parents.

There was a time when the ultimate role models of children were their parents, relatives or neighbors. But everything’s just changed. The Millennial now found that missing parental love in friends, drugs or sex. And on the other hand, as the Islam emphasizes, “Humsayon k Huqooq,” got certainly lost in the culture of materialism. People now no more bother to even meet or know their neighbors. According to the recent news, it has been found out that the teenagers in Islamabad have been engaging in drugs, do you really think increase use of drugs is the children’s fault but not their parents? The parents certainly stopped giving their children the “right” attention when they needed it, and eventually it led them to this. Attention doesn’t meant restricting their growth, but actually the spiritual, mental and emotional connection between parents and their children.2d-illustration-color_3-final-2-submisson-h_blog

The solution to this generation gap is very simple; the parents. They are now more in interested in the success of career than success of their relationships. By that, I certainly didn’t mean that they should not have a career of their own, or keep children and marriage as their major priority. All I am emphasizing is on the “work-life balance” that is now un found in the current era. If the parents start connecting to their children, and start understanding their children from their perspective, everything could be solved in no time.

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