How to get Australia visa from Pakistan

Australia welcomes immigrants especially who the intentions of doing business there, this is the reason why getting an Australian visa isn’t as complicated as other countries. Let’s take a look at how to get one.


You can apply for a temporary visa or business to Australia from outside Australia. You would need a tourist if you are:

  • Spending a holiday in Australia
  • Visiting relatives or anyone
  • Going for short-term non-work purposes
  • Going to study but duration of stay is not more than three months

You need to download application form online and fill it.  After filling out the form you need to print it and submit it in person at Australian Visa Application Centre (AVAC). You have to be there in person to provide biometric details and also 10- digit fingerprint scan number.

Document requirements:

You need to have following documents if you are to get an Australian visa.

  • Passport size photograph which should be recent (Not older than 6 months)
  • Character certicificate issued by DPO (District Police Officer)
  • Visa fees (submitted at FedEx centre)
  • Sufficient funds and proof that you have enough money to fund your stay at Australia
  • All the relevant documents that have been asked for in the application process

There are some guidelines that you have to follow

  • Do not send original documents, send verified copies instead
  • Original documents should be sent when asked for by visa office
  • All the required documents must be produced otherwise your application will be rejected

Fee requirements:

Fees are as following:

  • Base application visa fee: PKR 11,200
  • Application lodgement and biometric collection: PKR 5708

Contact information:

You can use the following contact details if you have any queries or need any information

Helpline: PTCL LANDLINE 090007860

Mobile: 9999 Email:

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