How to get UAE visa from Pakistan

UAE includes some of the most famous cities in the world including Sharjah and Dubai which are often referred to as international cities. UAE is one of the places that is home to most Pakistanis. It is pretty easy for people to get a visa to UAE. Let’s see how.


UAE visa application process is probably one of the simplest processes around. You can apply online or in person. Easiest way is to apply online. You just have to

  • Fill an online application form, which is self-explanatory no rocket science
  • Keep the scanned copies of all documents ready, you will need these when asked for
  • Upload the documents as told by the website
  • Pay the visa fees online

You will be notified by email confirming that your application has been received. You will be given a decision through email once your documents are cleared by UAE immigration, you will be notified about this through email. All the successful applications will receive their visa through email when they are applying online.

Document requirements:

As I have told earlier online way is the best way to apply for UAE visa. You will go through one step at a time filling the form. You will fill the following forms:

  • Application form with all your personal details
  • Passport form on which you will have to input issue date, expiry date etc

You would need;

  • a passport copy
  • Photograph
  • Confirmed ticket from Etihad Airways if you acquiring a tourist visa
  • Visa fee receipt that has been paid
  • Completely filled application form

Fee requirements:

Fees depend on your visa type. For a

  • Tourist visa fee is: $96
  • Service visa: $58
  • Long term visit visa: $355

To obtain a visa for the United Arab Emirates from Pakistan, you can generally follow these steps:

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) provides a variety of visas (tourist, visit, employment, etc.) to visitors for a variety of purposes.

1. Find out which one you need. Find out what kind of visa you need based on your situation.

2. Locate an authorized visa agent: Seek for a sponsor in the UAE or an authorized visa agent to aid you with your visa application. Online searches or calling travel businesses that focus on UAE visas are good ways to find these agents.

3. Collect appropriate paperwork: Get all the paperwork you need for the visa you’re applying for. In most cases, you will need a passport that is valid for at least six months, along with passport-sized photos, a visa application form, evidence of where you will be staying, evidence of your financial ability, and any other documents that are unique to your visa type.

4. Submit your application: Gather all the necessary documents and submit them to the authorized visa agent or sponsor with your visa application. After reviewing your application, they will forward it to the appropriate UAE authorities for processing.

5. Make the visa fee payment: Follow the instructions given by the visa agent or sponsor to pay the visa money. The processing time and kind of visa determine the fees.

6. Patience: The UAE officials will take their time processing your visa application. A number of variables, including the sort of visa, affect the processing time.

7. You will receive your UAE visa, either online or stamped in your passport, once your application is granted. The manner of processing depends on the type of visa.

8. Visit the UAE: Once you get your visa, you are free to visit the UAE for as long as it is valid. Please read your visa carefully and abide by all of its requirements.

To successfully secure your UAE visa from Pakistan, it is vital that you adhere to the precise requirements and procedures specified by both the UAE authorities and your visa agent or sponsor.

Contact details:

You can contact UAE visa services through this website and also find application form here:

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