Google Commemorates Nazia Hassan’s Anniversary | Google Doodle

Google pays tribute to Nazia Hassan On Her 53rd Anniversary

Today is the 53rd birth anniversary of Nazia Hassan, a great Pakistani pop singer. She was not only famous in Pakistan but also in India and other European countries. In the event of his birth anniversary, Google pays tribute to this great lady by showing her picture on the google doodle. They also add a caption by saying that, we are paying tribute to this lady due to her exceptional performance while carrying the traditional style of the Pakistan (Dupatta and long hairs) in 80’s era. They also show the disco balls in the background to make this image more traditional and remarkable.

nazia hassan google doodle

Nazia was the famous Pakistani singer who started her journey in music when she was only 10 years old. Instead of singing, she was also a lawyer, songwriter, social Artist. She was born on 3rd April 1965, and after completing her graduation from London, age started her journey in music industry along with her brother Zoheb Hassan. She was the only lady who started remarkable pop singing in 80’s era and becomes successful due to this. She was also given the title of “pop Queen” because she introduces the revolution in Pakistan’s pop industry.

Her first English song dreamer Deewana, which brings a tremendous change in her life and she also become famous in the British. Her pop songs “Disco Dewane” and “Boom Boom” along with her brother not only makes her pop queen but also caused her brother to become a celebrity. She received many national and international awards. She received her first Filmfare award at the age of 15 and becomes the youngest girl winning the Filmfare award. Her famous songs include Ap jesa koi, Aou na, Dosti, Ajnabi and many more. Unfortunately, she was died in London at the age of 35, due to lung cancer and she was buried in the Muslim section of the London.

nazia hassans

Due to her great performance, she will be remembered in the world for a long time, not only in Pakistan but also in the whole world. By showing his icon in the Google Doodle reminds us that, she is still alive in our memories although she died. May her soul rest in the peace.

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