Google Is Storing All Your Search History And You Probably Don’t Know It

If you’re a Android user, chances are you’ve also tried the “Google” search. The search app, as the name says, let’s you search the content and also let you order your phone some commands to perform specific actions. All this can be done through your voice, without even any need to touch it.

But do you know Google stores all the voice searches and voice commands you feed to its ubiquitous platform in the form of audio recordings on its servers. It also keeps track of all your Google searches on the Chrome, YouTube and Playstore. Kinda scary, right?

Google says it is keeping all the information as a part of its data-collection practices, and the Voice & Audio Activity page is just an effort on the company’s part to be more transparent about said practices. Notwithstanding, some of you may not be satisfied with this policy.

But fret not – there is a way you can delete all of your previous search history and disallow Google to track you further.

My Activity

To access all your recorded activities; go to and login into your Google account. A page presenting all your search history and voice interactions will appear, allowing you to delete it from the scratch. Next, click on the three-dotted menu appearing on the top right and click on ‘delete acitivty by’. It will take you to a page where you will be given option to delete the hisotry by ‘date’, ‘product’ or ‘topic’.

my acitivitymy acitivity

How To Disallow Google From Spying On You

Headover to MyActivity main page, and click on ‘Acitivity Controls’. There, you will be greeted with few options, allowing you to manage and control your activities which includes:

  • Web & App Activity
  • Location History
  • Voice and Audio History
  • YouTube Watch History
  • YouTube Searches
  • Device Information

Make sure you switch off all the toggle buttons to disallow Google from tracking anything at all.

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