Here’s Why the Snapchat Camera looks Worse on Android

Snapchat is one of the most popular social networking platforms throughout the world and has been growing at an over-whelming rate. Surprisingly, they’re still lagging behind as far as multi-platform optimization is concerned.

snapchat camera

Over the past couple of years, smartphone cameras have significantly improved but there’s one thing that has been bothering Android users. Typically, you won’t see much of a difference when you access the camera of your smartphone through third-party applications however, the same cannot be said when accessing Snapchat camera from Android devices.The Snapchat camera on Android looks much worse than the actual camera on the device. While accessing camera through Snapchat, the picture/video quality is significantly inferior, grainier and blurry.

Even with flagship level Android smartphones, the Snapchat camera fails to produce a decent result and this really is annoying.
Conversely, the Snapchat camera on iOS looks pretty similar to the actual camera and the degradation of quality is close to none on the iOS platform, even though most Android devices include a camera that’s far superior to that in iPhones.
But don’t worry, there’s nothing wrong with your Android device, it’s Snapchat that’s blameworthy here.

Apparently, it has something to do with application development. Since there are just a few devices running the iOS platform, it’s easy to develop and optimize applications for iOS.
On the other hand, with hundreds of devices using the Android operating system, the developers at Snap inc find it difficult to optimize the application for so many phones with different specifications. Instead, they’ve found a cheeky way around to save time and resources. Instead of employing the actual camera to click pictures and record videos, the Snapchat application just takes a screengrab of your camera view. This means that Snapchat does not leverage the true capabilities of the camera hardware, it just ‘records’ what the camera sees.

snapchat camera

However, what’s worth mentioning here, is that the Snapchat takes perfectly fine pictures on a very few Android devices such as the Google Pixel 2.
Nevertheless, we can only hope that Snapchat invests in optimizing its Android application to provide a refined experience to its users.

Rafay Khurram
Rafay Khurram
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