Jazz Launches new JazzCash Business App


In a surprising turn of events, Jazz has launched a new service called the JazzCash Business App. Dedicated for small businesses and corporation managers, this app will make it easier for you to manage your business and finances efficiently.

This is a one of a kind service by a telecommunication company in Pakistan. While we do have services similar to this, none of the have proven to be much of a success. Usually, such services are given by banks, but the bank fees are very high. But JazzCash Business App is making it possible for small businesses to manage their finances without much issue.

Features of JazzCash Business App

To begin with, the new App will make it much easier for you to register your account and handle it. All you will have to do is give simple information about yourself and your business to make a Basic Business Account in just a matter of minutes.

You can use Till numbers and simple QR codes to receive payments from your customers. With the app, you can also create unique QR code for your business or item for any amount instantly. Simply share it with your customers and receive payment directly in your account using the JazzCash Business App.

Creating and sending digital invoices to your customers and business is very easy. You can customize the invoice and send it via the app.

You can keep a steady record of transactions as well as all your bank statements with the app. You can get these in real time and keep a track of your credit and debit transactions, keep history of statements effortlessly.

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You can create your own business debit card. All you have to do is order the card and manage it according to your needs in the JazzCash Business App.

Price and More

Account Type Monthly Credit/Debit Max Balance Registration Process
Basic Business 500,000 500,000 Download the JazzCash Business App and follow instructions for account registration
Professional Business 500,000 500,000 Visit nearest retailer

Your mobile number will be your account number. Anyone with a valid CNIC number and a business can make their account on the App. You will have to go to the nearest retailer to verify your account with biometrics, otherwise the account will be deactivated after 3 months.

If you already have a JazzCash account, all you will need to do is log in to the JazzCash Business App to start using it.

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