Best Summer Vacations Spots For Families In Pakistan


Summer vacations are heading up and like everyone if you are planning to enjoy your summer vacations with your family at some refreshing spot, here are some places that can be your best summer vacations spot. 


This beautiful Lush Green Valley is surrounded by the mountains that make its looks enchanting and heavenly. It is located at a junction of river bumburet about 12 kilometers away from the city of Chitral. It is very peaceful and the best place for enjoying summer vacations with family. 

summer vacations


This alluring valley is well known for its mesmerizing beauty due to fast flowing rivers across it. It resides in a district of Gilgit-Baltistan and comprises of various small valleys within its self. It is not less than heaven on earth and surely a great place to spend summer vacations. 

summer vacations


If you are planning to visit Kashmir side for summer vacations, Neelam Valley located within the boundaries of Azad Kashmir is the most beautiful and famous place to visit. Sloped mountains, springs and lush greenery add a great beauty to this heavenly place hence making it a great spot for spending summer vacations. 

summer vacations


This valley is a “Mini Switzerland” of Pakistan and a great spot of tourists attraction. Due to its chill weather and fresh green environment, many people visit swat valley during summers to make their vacations cool and unforgettable.So if you are planning to spend your vacations out of your residential area, it’s the best place to visit ever.

summer vacations


This beautiful valley is a heritage of Greek civilization and it’s a place of major tourists attraction in Pakistan. With its lush green environment, and unique format of house building near the river banks, it represents a Its historical background very well and no doubt it’s a great place for spending unforgettable summer vacations with a family.

summer vacations

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