MBA financed Esha Chaudhary (transgender) | From beggar to Jobies


Esha Chaudhary – A Family Disowned Transgender has done MBA Finance

Transgender is the group of people in our society who have least respect and rights in Pakistan. They are unable to enjoy the rights that gender-specific person can. Before 2017, there was no legal right protection for trans. No one wants to give the job to trans even they are armed with many skills set. The mindset of the people forced these trans for begging, dancing etc. which they don’t even deserve. In 2017, a bill was passed for the right protection of the transgender in which they are considered legally by the government and given equal protection. They are also considered in the consensus 2017, before that they were never considered. The total transgender in Pakistan is 1000 approx.

esha (transgender) interview

Esha Chaudhary is a transgender in Pakistan who was also starving to secure her life by gaining equal rights in the society. She done MBA finance and currently living in Rawalpindi. Her family belongs to Faisalabad, they disowned Esha which is quite devastating for her. But she doesn’t lose the hope and complete her MBA with her own efforts. After completing her MBA, she was searching a reputable job according to her qualification and skills set. But guess what, no one agreed to give her job because she was not gendering specific. Without the job and family, the only option lefts for her was bagging.

Where she get a job?

Vegas cosmetic hired Esha in their E-11 Islamabad store. This cosmetic store supplies the cosmetic and beauty product in their store and online too. They held a walk in interview of Esha, in which she shared her life experience. They shared her interview video on the Facebook for awareness.  She said that “Everyone should take the action to protect and accept the trans, they are also human beings”. She also said that “only two to three organizations are hiring trans for jobs instead they have much potential and skills for the job. The owner of the Vegas store said that “This interview is not a publicity stunt, instead they try to aware people about the rights of trans”.

Transgender is also created by the same creature who created us. Then why we are not giving them equal rights and respect. We should accept them so that they can also enjoy freedom in this society. Vegas cosmetics have taken a positive initiative which will influence others to do so.

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