Tooth Sensor Discovered to Keep Track of What You Eat and Drink


Tooth sensor to Monitor all the Eaten Things

In this current state of technology, every impossible is becoming possible now.  As technology is changing and advancing day by day, so as the innovation. The creativity and innovation is the best combination for any new invention. You might be surprised to listen that tooth sensor has been discovered to keep track of what you eat and drink. Get shocked? yes, this is possible now! The idea was given by the researcher of the Tuft school of engineering USA. They are highly supported by the army and the navy forces which encourages them to work hard.


What is can detect?

It can detect almost everything that you eat and drink because they save the particles of the food eaten which allows them to identify the things. You just have to place this chip on your teeth and that’s enough. More specifically it can detect the following liquids to identify what you have a drink

  • Salt
  • Glaucous
  • Alcohols

The researcher said that whatever a person eats and drinks, this sensor will keep the record of everything. They develop this tooth sensor to manage the health and the diet issues. As we know that, health is most important and taking the healthy diet is a good habit. But what if you are eating a thing that you should not eat, how you can track it. If you beloved one person, unfortunately, fell in a disease, or your kid is not taking care about his health, then this tooth sensor works perfectly because you can get an idea about what they have eaten and drink. Basically, this sensor monitors everything and keeps you healthyfood with teath

Structure of the sensor:

This sensor is too much tiny approximately 2 x 2 millimeter in size. Its color is gold and looks like a tiny sticker. The sensor is constructed with three layers

  • The middle layer is Bioresponsive layer: it consumes all the chemical and particles of what you eat and drink
  • Two outer layers are squared shaped golden layers acts like an antenna

How it works:

It can detect the all the things you eat by saving the particles in the middle layer. A message will be sent about what you eat detected by the sensor. The message (signal) will be sent to the mobile to show you what you are eating along with all the measurements at the current time. This is probably the great invention of this year. As technology changes adeptly, we hope that more and more useful things can be produced in coming years.

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