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Have you ever heard about Mini brands that are reusable capsules containing different mini brands including Airheads, Dove, Breyers and many more? The products placed in the mini boxes or capsules are different. These are not so popular everywhere so some people might not be aware of them.

However, this article will help you to find out what these Mini brands are and from where you can find them. Let’s get started.

Mini Brands

What are Mini Brands

In case you are not aware of this term, these brands are small or mini capsules in which various brands including toys and foods are present wrapped in a plastic paper known as Sphere. Doesn’t matter what you get in that mini brand, however, the product is always a branded one.

It can be a toy, peanuts, shaving cream, any food item or anything else. However, if there is any toy in the box, don’t let your children chew that toy as it might be harmful to them. You can make these boxes or capsules for your kids at home as well.

Mini Brands Toys

Toy Mini Brands have the best toys for your toddlers that are packed in mini-boxes or capsules. In each capsule or box, you can Unwrap and peel to know those mystery miniatures.

Currently, one of the best and hottest Mini brands toys is said to be a plastic sphere that is also called 5 Surprise Mini Brands. While sitting at any corner of the world, you can order it now for your kid through different websites including Amazon. They have the best collection of Toys.

1- 5 Surprise Mini Brands toy

If you are aware of these brands, you surely are familiar with this term 5 Surprise Mini Brands toy. It contains 5 different small capsules made of plastic that have real-life items inside them. The items or products include Mentos gum, itty bitty soy sauce etc.

The best thing about these capsules are, it is always a surprise or a  mystery that which capsules you will pick among so many.

best Mini Brands

Mini Brands Store

You can order these tiny capsules from different websites. However, there are a few marts that you might go for if you reside abroad. In Pakistan, you can place an order on amazon as per your requirements.

Mini Brands Items

If you are curious to know how many items you can get in these capsules, there are a total of 500 items that are placed in these mini capsules. It depends on your luck which capsule you will get as it is a complete surprise. You might get peanut butter, the hottest toy, any food item, any product.

However, they guarantee to provide you with a brand item that you surely going to like. Every 4 to 6 months, different surprises are added inside these capsules so that everyone enjoys them.


Now comes the most important question that what is the price of these mini capsules that are widely sued especially in the United Kingdom. They are available for $9.99. However, if you are going to order from Amazon, it might cost $22.99 for 4 packs.

On the other hand, if you go for Walmart, you can get only a single capsule for $23.96 that might be costly for some. Even if you haven’t gotten your hands on them, you might have watched different videos on Youtube where content creators make videos on unboxing these mini capsules.

Hence, if you haven’t tried them yet, go ahead and enjoy these mystery boxes that might be fun for you to unbox.

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