How to Get Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate From Nadra|Online

It’s been a long time we are dealing with this deadly disease Corona that has taken millions of souls. Unfortunately, people from across the globe are hit with this disease. It all started in China, and today, it is in every corner of the world. If you have ever experienced this disease, you surely have an idea of how inadequate it is.

A few months ago, COVID-19 Vaccine came into emergence, and people from everywhere started themselves vaccinated in order to protect themselves from this disease. Are you one of those who are vaccinated, or you won’t bother to be vaccinated?

Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate

COVID-19 Vaccination

In order to handle the situation of COVID, people should be vaccinated that is given from injections. Without vaccination, you won’t travel abroad or go to specific places. The vaccination lets you fight against this disease in a better way without much loss. It also keeps your surroundings protected.

After the disclosure of the vaccine, wrong speculations were made regarding the health of the human body. However, they were nothing to be believed. Protect your loved ones and vaccinate yourself asap.

COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate

However, if you are already vaccinated and all set to get the certificate of vaccination, then it has an easy-to-follow procedure. Visit the below-mentioned link in order to register yourself for the Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate. The link is:

After clicking the link, you have to enter your CNIC card number, after which you will be registered for the certificate. However, the point to mention here is, you can’t get the certificate after a single dose. You have to complete 2 doses in order to get the certificate that you can get in 100 Rs.

Furthermore, you can visit your nearest NADRA office if you don’t want to register online. The fees will be the same. If you want to pay online, you can go for Eshault or Visa Card. You have many options in this regard.

After this COVID-19 Vaccination certificate, you can travel anywhere. However, always keep it with you in case anyone wants to check. Stay safe and make part to keep your surroundings safe.

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