Naya Pakistan Sehat Card|Features, Eligibility Criteria, Contact Details

A revolutionary step has been taken by PM Pakistan Imran Khan by introducing Naya Pakistan Sehat Card. The card is launched for all citizens and every family who is held eligible for a medical health card. Every family can take medical services up to 1 million Rs. Every year under the Universal Health Coverage Programme. The paramount decision is approved and announced by PTI PM Imran Khan and he has set an ideal example.

This enables every Pakistani citizen to attain equal opportunity to live a prosperous and healthy life.

How does the idea of the Sehat Card initiated?

According to Prime Minister Imran Khan, every Muslim country must hold the responsibility of its underprivileged citizen’s welfare and set a state model. In the entire history, it was Madina where the state accepted and holds the responsibility for the well-being of society`s underprivileged.

This ensures that people living in rural areas will also have access to medical and health care even in private hospitals and all families in Punjab should hold health cards by March 2022.

For the further development project, administrative and political affairs, many meetings were held.

Salient Features

Following are the salient features of the Naya Pakistan Sehat Card which are :

  • The program is divided into two different packages
  • The package for hospitalization care for up to Rs. 60,000 for every family per year is termed as the Secondary care coverage
  • The package for major diseases holds the amount of 400,000 per year for every family covers the severe illness.
  • The coverage can exceed 1,000,000 under special circumstances.
  • The services will only be executed by the insurance companies.
  • All types of hospitalization care will be covered except for the ones that are not listed by the insurance company.
  • The beneficiary can avail of all sorts of hospital services from the empaneled hospital all over the state.
  • Portability of inter-district is available
  • Coverage is available and applied yearly basis for all individuals from various age groups.
  • Only pre-existing diseases will be covered
  • Both private and public healthcare facilities will be licensed provisionally by the PHC are entitled to the panel in the scheme.

Eligibility Criteria

Currently, all Pakistani citizens can have access to this program and get free medical care. The government is taking measures to expand the program scope all over the country.

Remember the card also provides a travel allowance for the patients. This includes Rs.1000 per family for every visit for a maximum of three visits every year.

For the eligibility check,

SMS your NIC number to 8500. You can check the eligibility in the Sehat Card Program

To get your Qaumi Sehat Card or Sehat Insaaf Card

You will get a message declaring either you are eligible to receive the Sehat Insaf Card which you can receive from any card distribution center available in your district.

For more details

You can also use an online tool to check the eligibility for the Sehat Card. Otherwise, you can contact 0800-09009 and 0800-89898 for further assistance. This is the official helpline.

You can even reach out to

  • for help regarding Sehat Card.

To enjoy the quality and good healthcare services in all districts of Punjab without financial issues, the program will cover all Punjab populations under the Universal Health insurance.

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